Stevenson Dean Resigns Amid Texting Investigation

The school board accepted Paul Weil's resignation Thursday.

Dean Paul Weil's resignation was accepted Thursday night by the District 125 School Board, multiple media outlets have reported.

NBC 5  reported that Weil submitted a resignation letter Wednesday. He had worked at the school for 13 years, serving as dean since 2008.

Stevenson spokesman Jim Conrey told the Chicago Tribune that it was "an unfortunate way to end" Weil's tenure.

The resignation was accepted as police investigate reports that an administrator, now identified as Weil, . The Tribune reported that the messages were received by a student.

Stevenson students have been discussing the situation since Monday on Twitter, with some expressing surprise and disappointment.

"Truth, Dean Weil had qualities most of the administration lacks: #fairness #empathy #likeability," one person Tweeted.

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GHoffman April 20, 2012 at 03:55 PM
This is so incredibly sad....my heart breaks for this man. This whole cell-phone/texting is a nightmare in itself...no one talks to each other...anymore. Why would a student have the "cell phone" number of one of The Deans at SHS? My son graduated from SHS and he did not comunnicate with anyone at SHS via text messaging. I think it is horrible that someone loses their job over a text message,if it was not of a sexual nature how bad could it have been? A few swear words maybe? I don't know - and the student who rec'd the text...what about them? I have a tough time believing the student is lily-white. I am a bit surprised by this -- with all the drug issues at SHS don't ya think they should be putting all their efforts into stopping drug abuse - so lives are not damaged. Text messages can be erased - the effects of drugs stay with you for a life-time if you are lucky enough to live through it. This is just another example of "Majoring on the Minors" - A Man's life is ruined....over this nonsense..He should not have been texting a student...but to lose his job? 13 years? We live in such a liberal world....I just can't believe this. The District needs to address the way the girls come to school? Short-Shorts? Flip-Flops? They are naked and obscene.It is a disgrace....and God forbid if a young man makes a comment passing her in the hall but if he wears his ball cap a little cocked on his head...he will be made to remove his hat...What is this world comign to?
Sandra Bersin April 20, 2012 at 04:58 PM
You are absolutely right! Since it wasn't criminal, he should not have (or have been asked to) resign. He's done an amazing job building the international travel program and managing all the associated nitty gritty tasks. Not only is he nice,he's a fair and ethical guy. Bad call. I support and respect him and can only believe better opportunities await him. I also agree with you about texting. Nothing good comes from it. Texting kills people in one way or another. As for the dress code, there obviously is none. Shameful and embarrassing.
michaelh April 20, 2012 at 07:00 PM
How about we let the facts come out first before making any judgements - one way or the other. Sure, the nature of the text could have been harmless and is being over scrutinized. But how do you know that? They could have been inappropriate too. And just because it is not criminal does not make something right or moral - period. Also, I agree that one inappropriate act should not erase all of the good things a person has done in life. BUT all of those good things someone did should not make a single act okay either. And to suggest that what a 17 year old girl wears to school somehow makes it appropriate for an adult (student) to send texts to student is absolutely disgusting to me. Adults and teachers have a responsibility to society to protect children - there are no excuses for this. Lastly, to suggest that "text messaging" is to blame is completely ignorant to the actual problem at hand here. An adult, teacher, human being, person sent that text. Would it really have been different if he was old fashioned, picked up the phone, and called a student for a reason besides school work? NO! So please, do not blame technology for a human beings lack of judgement. Like I said, let the facts come out before making any judgement. Maybe you are right and it was harmless. The real problem here is people making judgements (disgusting ones above) about something they really are not sure about. I hope the truth comes out and people are held accountable....
Amanda Berman-Pompili April 20, 2012 at 07:02 PM
I graduated from Stevenson in 1994 and girls were wearing short shorts then. Nothing has changed.
Sandra Bersin April 20, 2012 at 10:54 PM
to michaelh: In response to your statement, "How about we let the facts come out first before making any judgements." Judgment has already been passed. He has (or has been asked to) resign. And do you honestly believe the details will ever be revealed? Absolutely not. And you appear to have already judged him, anyway, even though he did nothing criminal. Since the law deems the student to be an adult, he should be held accountable. Are you an SHS parent who knows him since you feel you can challenge those who question the actions taken against Mr. Weil?
anonomouse July 09, 2012 at 02:37 PM
I know Mr. Weil and he's a prick. He was power hungry and had no idea what was best for his students. I think he had it coming. Their are some huge problems reguarding the students right vs. Lincolnshire PD and the deans office at SHS. Maybe its time for these bored people to find a real job instead of investigating high school drama...only in lincolnshire...
Sure seems like SHS's 'impecable reputation' has taken a lot of 'hits' lately. Makes you wonder what's been going on all these years that was 'hushed up' so they could keep that, alleged, 'impecable reputation'. Just sayin ...


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