Area Schools Reach Out to Parents in Wake of Newtown Shootings

A number of local school districts have sent letters to parents or posted notices on their websites.

Leaders of some local school districts have reached out to parents in the wake of Friday’s shootings in Connecticut.

In letters to parents, districts assure parents that they have safety plans in place and that resources are available to students who want to talk about last week's events.

“We want to assure you that District 96 takes the safety of all staff and students very seriously,” Superintendent Julie Schmidt wrote to parents. “While there is no plan that can totally prevent an act of senseless violence like this, our safety plan has been reviewed by law enforcement authorities and is diligently practiced by our staff and students. There are lessons to be learned from every tragedy and, as those lessons emerge, our plan will be reviewed with law enforcement experts.”

Her letter, which is posted on the district’s website, provides recommendations from mental health specialists about how to talk with children about such events and says that social workers are available at each district school to address students’ needs.

In a similar letter to Stevenson High School parents, Superintendent Eric Twadell mentioned the school’s safety plan and provided tips from The National Association of School Psychologists on how to talk with children about such tragedies.

A notice on School District 21’s website says that crisis support is available to students and staff, and that the district continues to work to provide a safety environment for children.

“Rest assured that District 21 continues to work diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. District 21 administrators regularly re-evaluate the District's safety plans and day-to-day practices with District social workers and school psychologists, alongside first responders, such as police and fire departments, and in collaboration with other area schools districts,” the district’s online notice states.


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