Village Explains Water System, Defends Quality

Buffalo Grove's Public Works director explains how the system works. Meanwhile, other officials respond to concerns that Lisa Stone has repeatedly raised.

Buffalo Grove officials took the opportunity to defend the village’s water quality last week following a staff presentation about the system's history and current operations.

Greg Boysen, director of , delivered a 20-minute presentation July 9 that outlined Buffalo Grove’s water sources and testing procedures.

The village’s water, which comes from Lake Michigan through the Northwest Water Commission, is pumped from four reservoirs in Buffalo Grove, he explained.

In all, the reservoirs can hold 7.5 million gallons of water. On a typical day, a single reservoir could accommodate the entire village, Boysen said. Should one reservoir go out of service, service would continue to be provided by the others, he said.

Water is regularly tested at labs certified by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). Reviews also are conducted by the Insurance Service Office and are run occasionally by independent consultants, Boysen said. The village’s water consistently meets or exceeds standards.

The village also has a deep well system that serves as an emergency backup for the village’s reservoirs.

Boysen’s complete report is attached to this story.

Bragg addresses water quality

While the Public Works director made no reference to that has raised repeatedly, Village Manager Dane Bragg alluded to them and one trustee addressed them directly in comments that lasted nearly as long as the presentation did.

Bragg reminded the community that the village’s  proved the safety of the water from the village's regular supply and deep well system. He also emphasized that the village has no jurisdiction over the Pekara well system in unincorporated Lake County. Stone has voiced concerns about the quality of that well water.

“There’s been questions about potential contamination of that system by the Land and Lakes landfill,” Bragg said. That well system is owned and operated by Lake County’s Public Works department and is not tied to the village’s system, he said.

Neither the IEPA nor the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have confirmed “any linkage between aquifers that service the Pekara well system or other domestic wells in the area and the Land and Lakes landfill,” Bragg said. The landfill, which is located at the northeast end of Buffalo Grove, near the Pekara well system, received  earlier this year.

Meanwhile, village-owned wells run deep — hundreds of feet into the ground — and are not connected to local or shallow water sources, Bragg said. “It is connected only to deep aquifers that are sourced, I believe, in Wisconsin, if I’m not mistaken, and have nothing to do with the local ground water or runoff,” he said.

“I bring these things up just because there are a lot of questions about our water system. And certainly I want people to understand where our water comes from and that we do have a closed system and we have very high quality water that comes from that system.”

Stone, who last month with members of her , did not attend last week’s meeting.

Berman: 'I hope we’ve heard the last of it'

“I appreciate and understand why you thought it was necessary, and it’s unfortunate that you thought it was necessary, to go through the exercise of making this presentation tonight,” Trustee Jeff Berman said following the report. “Hopefully, the public can draw whatever additional comfort they think is necessary from it.”

“Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, the one person who most desperately needed to hear and comprehend the substance of your presentation doesn’t appear to be here and would be unlikely to pay much attention to it anyway,” he said.

“As was recapped tonight by Mr. Bragg and Mr. Boysen, Mrs. Stone’s tales of doom, despotism and despair have been rejected repeatedly … and yet that hasn’t stopped her, and so we spent a good portion of our meeting this evening discussing the same issue once again. We as a board and as a community apparently will remain hostage to the inane ramblings of a half-baked crusader vainly in search of a legitimate cause,” Berman said.

“We’re spending taxpayer money that can be used for other purposes," he added.

As officials have suggested in the past, Berman said Stone should deliver any documentation to village staff that “substantiate[s] her claims and somehow make[s] them village business.

Otherwise, Berman told Village President Jeff Braiman, “there is no need for additional presentations, contrived meetings, roundtables or other publicity stunts.”

“I hope we’ve heard the last of it, I doubt we have, but I believe we should hear the last of it right here, right now tonight,” Berman said.

Lisa Stone July 19, 2012 at 11:01 PM
R.L. Roman: Running Scared Disorder is the only disorder you need to face. As everyone knows, I wouldn't campaign against the Recall, as I refused to take my eye off the "landfill" ball. Had I campaigned, everyone knows that I am the most Relentless Campaigner that any candidate could hope to have. I could swing a vote, as I did when Mathias unseated Salvi, becoming our State Representative. Sid and Rita thanked me for my devotion and work back then and I've always told them it was because Sid is a good man and deserved to win. Both true, as we were a great team. Solid candidate and "Activist" campaigner....couldn't be beat. I've campaigned in areas out of my district whenever they call. Also, when I came in 2nd place to Braiman in the 2009 election, he had never run a contested race and he and Susan were frantic. I actually was nice enough to give him petitions with signatures for his candidacy, as I hadn't known that Stolman was going to ask me to run and had gotten Braiman signatures already, so I generously gave him the signatures I'd already gotten for him. He was shocked at my lack of competitiveness and happily accepted them. If I could ask for them to be returned now, I would, as I made a grave mistake in telling the people to vote for him when they signed the petitions. There's a few candidates that I've now realized with regret, that I campaigned hard for, not Braiman... just got him signatures. The other 2 know who they are & should be so ashamed.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 12:26 AM
And over the edge she goes...
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Mathias was the only one who lacked the stones to turn their back on you after you crashed and burned so badly as a trustee. They bailed on you the same way the gum- chomping posse that followed you around immediately after your election did when they realized you were a hot mess. As I recall, many of them were close friends of yours- some from childhood. At the beginning, they feircely defended you, but now they are nowhere to be found. Why? Your antics proved to be so out of line that even they scattered like rats and have not been seen nor heard from since. If you're so tight with Mathias, why hasn't he come out publicly to support you or your silly coalition? Why hasn't he taken any action in his official capacity as State Rep? If your claims about the water quality in BG are true, then he is being negligent in protecting the public and should be recalled just like you were. So where is your buddy Sid on this? Why is he absent from the debate? Give him a call and have him weigh in. Have him explain where he sits on this issue.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 01:04 AM
BG Patch staff...how about lobbing a call into Mr. Mathias' office to get his official position on the quality of water in BG? Does he agree with the official position of the BG Board and findings of the IEPA, EPA and the other sources referenced by MR. Boyson? Or does he support Ms. Stone's claims that there are problems with BG water quality? We need to know. Don't settle for wishy-washy non- answers from him. We want a definitive, unequivocal answer . And if he shares Ms. Stone's concerns, why has he not taken action? Why has he publicly ignored or avoided her and her coalition? We'll see about the true level of his commitment to Ms. stone...and her cause. My guess is that he'll avoid answering as much as he possibly can. He's probably scared to death of incurring the wrath of Mighty Ms. Stone, defender of all that is good- including legalized prostitution for unwed moms and sex with relatives.* (*She expressly stated that only animals and kids should be out of bounds, so relatives are apparently ok with her since she didn't call them out. Except if that relative is a child. Or an animal. So if you have a relative that is an unwed mother prostitute, I suppose you could have sex with her, but you'd probably still have to pay for it so she could support her kids.**) (** I wonder if Ms. Stone would support family and friends discounts for their services? Money is tight for all of us these days and we could certainly use a break.)
Lisa Stone July 20, 2012 at 06:06 AM
RelentlessCritic: As Garth Brook sings with sincerity..."You ain't see nothin' like me yet", RC. So, perhaps you should brace yourself? While I don't pack heat, I only pack the "bird", as Postal Stan has experienced from 10 ft. away - as the "crow flies", or 15 ft. by foot. Regardless, I bring it, but in my unique non-physical "form", I seem to bring it. So, while you continue your diatribe of pitiful comments behind your delusional intimidating & pseudo-macho mask, I have always stood up to you and your manly buddies in my own name, no less, and speak the truth. It's powerful isn't it? Scientific data can't be ignored. It just can't.... perhaps exempt without reason, but science & reality trumps exemption & diversion. Please accept my unique substance over form: "To make you feel my love" - Garth Brooks (I love his passion... "You ain't see nothin' like me yet" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40E1kpm84S8
Lisa Stone July 20, 2012 at 06:23 AM
The 2005 Buffalo Grove Board commissioned Shaw Environmental to evaluate the Land & Lakes Landfill for annexation from unincorporated Lake County into BG, per Resolution for $25K. Sid was not on the Board, as you well know. He was State Representative since the late 90's and had nothing to do with the Land & Lakes study, therefore he had no part of that action. The Land & Lakes Landfill is/was owned by Lake Forest Mayor Jim Cowhey. Interestingly, Buffalo Grove paid for said study, then purged it from their government record. I located the study that Buffalo Grove told me did not exist, in Lake County in 2010, when I filed a Freedom of Information request. To make matters worse, when I asked to hear the audio tape from the Executive closed session meeting where they discussed said study, Buffalo Grove stated that they lost the audio, which is required by State Statute. The minutes by Clerk Janet Sirabian do not memorialize the conversation but only state that the topic was on the Agenda. I would like many answers as well, but Sid isn't the trusted official to ask as he was not on their Board. Rather, the elected officials sitting on the 2005 Buffalo Grove Village Board need to answer those critical questions, once and for all. Each one of them, as they looked the other way on critical information regarding missing or illegible groundwater data, yet applied for, and accepted Brownfield Grant money in exchange to clean the water, yet apparently never did so.
Lisa Stone July 20, 2012 at 06:30 AM
RelentlessCritic: Your response to my views on Prostitution, as usual, are deliberately meant to frame people and ideas into freakish acts, if you disagree with them. Even I won't waste my key strokes on your bizarre spin, but thanks for showing us just how depraved you can go. Get a hold of yourself or get help! You never know if one day you'll be on the streets in this alarming world that we're raising our kids in, and if you'd sell yourself to feed your children. Well, it appears you'd sell yourself from what we know of you, but the question is whether you'd feed your kids....and what?
RC? '... bizarre spin ...'? '... depraved ...'? I'd not try to 'spin' anything since I'd be up against someone whom seems to have a BA, MA, PHD in 'spin doctoring'! I'd also rather not have personal attacks made in this 'wild west open forum' where 'anything goes'.
Howsomever ... since there seems to be some that want to 'associate' sitting board members with fictional characters of cartoon and comedy and want to 'cite songs' ... the 1 song that comes to my mind is by Pam Tillis ... Queen of Denial!
chuck posniak July 20, 2012 at 01:28 PM
And I think the stones that Lisa cast were Gary's.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Ahhh. Ms. Stone- So presumptuous, so arrogant, so egotistical...and so far off base. Face it- you hate me, and the others on here. You hate us...and we love it. You hate us because: - won't tolerate you wasting our tax dollars with your unfounded personal issues and causes. - we call you out every time you make inaccurate, off base or simply dumb comments, which keeps us very busy. -we point out the many flaws in your frequently twisted logic, such as telling the sad tale of your sister's heroin addiction while advocating legalization of marijuana, or suggesting legalized prostitution as the solution for helping unwed mothers support their, or ranting about free speech and then suing someone who made a harmless, innocuous comment about your kid. - because we know you fail to admit your own shortcomings and many mistakes, yet are very quick to try to point them out in others - we refute the half-baked, unproven, inaccurate allegations about wrong-doing and impropriety that you foist without providing evidence or fact. - we are tired of your shameless self-promotion, grandstanding, self-centerdness and hyper-inflated claims of your accomplishments. - we won't tolerate you disrupting village business any longer. - we laugh at you because you think you know better than the IEPA, EPA, other regulatory agencies, and even the Illinois Apellate Court, even though you don't even have a college degree. (continued)
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 01:45 PM
You hate us because (continued)... - we know you'll jump out in front of any cause which might allow you to get your name in the paper. - we remind you that you're not nearly as smart as you think you are. Nor as respected. Nor as beloved. Nor as benevolent. - we are nauseated by your constant bragging about yourself and your family- and we aren't shy about letting you know it. - we know you say and do controversial things to get attention, then play the innocent victim when we criticize you for saying them. But most of all, you hate us because we remind you on a daily basis that you were an epic failure as an elected official and did long-lasting damage to the village's reputation, and you continue to do the same in your self-appointed role as a community watchdog. And I'm glad to be a part of that...from behind my first-amendment guaranteed anonymity (which is another thing you hate).
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 02:17 PM
STONE: "Your response to my views..., as usual, are deliberately meant to frame people and ideas into freakish acts, if you disagree with them." YOUR BEST QUOTE EVER!!! Isn't that exactly what YOU did to Hipcheck? Did you not take a harmless quote about a political conversation out of context and attempt to turn it into something sexual? Wasn't that the basis for your lawsuit? Good thing that the court understands the concept of innocent construction and rejected your legal action as meritless and baseless. http://www.balough.com/uploadedFiles/stone%20case%20appeal.pdf You are a hypocrite, and your comment above confirms it beyond refute. Nothing you say or do beyond this point could ever justify your lawsuit against Hipcheck- you've pointed out the flaws in your own stupid legal argument.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Ms. Stone- As usual, you missed the point. I don't care about what Mathias was or wasn't doing relative to Land and Lakes in 2005. I want to know where he stands TODAY about your concerns about BG water quality. Does he trust and agree with the findings and opinions of the EPA, IEPA and the other agencies referenced in Mr. Boyson's report? Or, does he agree with you? If he does agree with you, why has he not stated that publicly and more importantly, taken some action to protect us from a (allegedly) potentially dangerous situation? If you're as tight with him as you claim to be, it should be easy for you to get him to publicly state his position- especially if it is in agreement with yours. But his silence on the matter speaks volumes- he's either clueless about what's going on, doesn't care, or disagrees with you but lacks the guts to say so publicly because he's afraid you'll turn on him and he doesn't want to lose a political crony. So, Ms. Community Watchdog...where does your close buddy Mathias stand on this issue? Maybe you can get him to weigh in on it. And while you're at it, let's hear from some of the other local/state politicos that you claim to be buddies with. Why aren't they all over this issue? Why the silence?
I searched the Daily Herald and they've not even made mention of this meeting or the 'concerns' about the water. So I guess they too don't see any 'issues' with the water quality.
Sandy Klein July 20, 2012 at 05:53 PM
From Lisa Stone: "Get a hold of yourself or get help!" Oh, the irony!!!!! Lisa, please stand in front of a mirror and repeat this wonderfully hypocritical line of yours a thousand times. Then take a closer look at yourself and repeat it another thousand times. Keep repeating until you grasp how deeply disturbed you are, and vow to 1) get a hold of yourself and 2) get help.
DeAnn Glover July 20, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Jan, Jeff's comments were brilliant. Of course, Lisa will not heed one word that was said. It is time to turn off her mic. when her time is up and remove her if necessary from the council chambers. The press needs to step up and quit giving her a forum also. She is on a different planet, and there is nothing that will bring her back. Her claims are ridiculous, and it is time that staff sends her packing instead of giving her any time on her crazy claims. It is time this all stops. Thank You Jeff. Now it is time for the rest of the Board to step up and stop this insanity. Her reputation is such that no one will listen to her anymore anyway.
BG Resident July 20, 2012 at 06:08 PM
It looks to me like EVERYONE needs to rewatch the video. Listen to Mr. Berman's wise words and let's move on. Shall we? Okay, who's with me??
I'm with you! If we 'ignore' the 'buzzing gnat' then maybe, but don't hold your breath, it will go away and leave everyone in peace!
And now for something completely different ... The Larch ... The Larch ...
DeAnn Glover July 20, 2012 at 06:35 PM
C-Dub, The Village Board had to suffer through 18 months of what you said. The village meetings were the best reality shows on television, the council chamber was full at every meeting and a running commentary was sent from audience members to friends on Facebook. Buffalo Grove was the laughing stock of the Chicagoland area and beyond. Now she is rambling at the podium on matters that do not even involve BG and do not make sense. Jeff Berman comments at the VB meeting were excellent but won't make any difference to Lisa.
DeAnn Glover July 20, 2012 at 06:45 PM
I would be more than happy to find her a house anywhere far away from Buffalo Grove except in Olathe, Ks where my kids live or Gardner, KS where I own a house and plan to move to someday. Mo, what do you think of Lisa's idea to leagaize prostitution? Do you think she is looking for a career?
DeAnn Glover July 20, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Lisa, I have been told by very reliable sources that you have not attended any of the drug forums. If you stand up for Heroin, why have you not been in attendance? After all you accused me of being responsible for all the heroin deaths while I was serving on the Village Board. You also made the statement that you only "hoped" that none of my grandchildren ever got involved in drugs because then I would understand what it was like. I took that to mean just the opposite and so did my children when I read them the email you sent. I was angery that you would dare send something like that to me about my grandchildren. It really showed me your true character.
DeAnn Glover July 20, 2012 at 07:31 PM
GHEMRoaR, the Daily Herald doesn't like to print anything that paints Lisa Stone in a bad way. After all, they endorsed her over much more qualified candidates which makes their one member of their editorial board an idiot. In the 2009 forums, Lisa thought the Village should stop the Home Rule Sales Tax to save money. She did not even know that the tax was income for the village. She also said that she had no idea how to read a budget which is another red flag. No one knows why she was elected to the VB, but everyone knows why she was recalled. She can blame her recall on the members of the board all she wants, but the truth is the citizens of BG had enough and wanted us to get back to the business of running this village.
DeAnn Glover July 20, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, your poor delusional thing. In your earlier response to Mo, you indicated that I retired from the Village Board absent of any "Mark" on my tenure which idicates the exact opposite. I defy you to go back through my 16 years as a Village Trustee and find where I acted irresponsibily as a board member. You have accused me of many things, but as usual, you could not back anything up with facts. As far as selling real estate on the south side to make extra money, I do not go far outside the local boundries because I do not know everything I need to know about far away areas. As far as identifying houses on Lake Michigan water or well water, it is paramount that the Broker know that information for the listing side of a sale, and paramount for the buyer of a property confirm with local unities of government which may apply. The reason the buyer of a property should find out this information is so that there is no misinformation given. You and your friend Erika mentioned the Realtor Code of Ethics and my name in the same sentence several times quite some time ago; however, neither of you ever contacted me with information of any possible violation. You simply implied that I had done something wrong. Of course, you had post it on the Patch comment board ao others could see it. You could have damaged my business, but what you did not know is that I have a sterling reputation so once again you tried to ruin my reputation out of spite and failed.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 20, 2012 at 09:56 PM
DEANN- Gee- someone with less class and intelligence might have filed a defamation lawsuit against her for those comments about your professionalism and character. You must not be the litigious type.
Sandy Klein July 20, 2012 at 10:13 PM
DeAnn, I, too am wondering why nobody has sued her yet. Between defaming you and libel for what she wrote about being attacked at the village hall, I'm hoping the Stones end up penniless and having to move out of the area. Surely SOMEONE can stop this pitbull from lying about people.
DeAnn Glover July 24, 2012 at 03:56 AM
Relentless & Sandy, I am sure that Lisa's lawyer husband has advised as to just how far she can make a statement or remark without making it an outright accusation. She has gotten by this long because she pushes her comments to the limit without going over. It is too bad she cannot look to her own life and try and fix it without trying to ruin someone elses. Some people are just wired that way.My dad used to have a saying "I'm like the man who was kicked by mule. I just consider the source."
Jon July 24, 2012 at 07:32 PM
Relentlesscritic and Lisa Stone: If this banter between the two of you was taking place in a pre school class, the teacher would send you both to time out. As adults its surprising in a lifetime of socialization, you have not yet acquired proper filters. Your behavior is embarrassing, and thats a fact. The only fact evident in this entire conversation.
Lisa Stone July 27, 2012 at 04:14 PM
See my e-mail exchange with Better Government Association's (BGA) Andy Shaw - above, or click on link below. http://buffalogrove.patch.com/articles/water-report#pdf-10591662


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