Sherman Files Library Lawsuit

Rob and Celeste Sherman, along with three other residents, are suing Indian Trails Public Library in an attempt to void its April 5 referendum.

Buffalo Grove resident Rob Sherman took his campaign to a step further last week by filing a lawsuit. (See attached document.)

Sherman is joined by his wife, Celeste; and Mary Day, Robert Dinnerman and Ronald Mraz. The five residents allege that misused taxpayer funds while distributing information the referendum. The lawsuit names the members of the library board as well as Cook County Clerk David Orr and Lake County Clerk Willard Helander.

“All five Petitioners strongly support the Library,” Sherman wrote on his website. “It's just that we are all opposed to the government using our tax dollars for political purposes. That's not what we pay taxes for.”

A hearing is scheduled for June 2.

Dave Dybas May 23, 2011 at 04:02 PM
If Mr. Sherman and his crew were NOT looking for Attorney Fee's and other restitution I'd almost consider his lawsuit to be just. But for some reason, I tend to believe that there is some financial gain to be had here and thus consider it to be a veiled form of extortion.


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