Police Blotter: OTC Drug Theft, Suspicious 'New Guy' Visits Business

The following information was supplied by the Buffalo Grove Police Department. Arrests do not indicate a conviction. Email cristel@patch.com with questions about this blotter.


A officer noted a vehicle traveling at 90 mph and with no lights on at 1:40 a.m. Aug. 25 on the 1500 block of East Lake-Cook Road. The officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle, but lost it. A short time later, the officer noted Wheeling officers attempting to stop the car, which they were able to do. It was learned that the offending vehicle had almost struck a Wheeling squad car a short time earlier. The intoxicated female driver was arrested by Wheeling police. 

Troy M. Klees, 19, of the 4200 block of North Harvard, Arlington Heights, was charged with possession and consumption of alcohol by a minor at 3 a.m. Aug. 25 on Lake-Cook Road at Milwaukee Avenue.

A 16-year-old Lake Zurich resident was charged with possession and consumption of alcohol by a minor at 3 a.m. Aug. 25 on Lake-Cook Road at Milwaukee Avenue 

Christopher J. Brogni, 19, of the 800 block of Beechwood Road, Buffalo Grove, was charged with driving under the influence, speeding and driver’s license not on person at 3 a.m. Aug. 25 on Lake-Cook Road at Milwaukee Avenue.

Cruz Rodriguez-Popoca, 48, of the 1500 block of Crimson, Palatine, was charged with aggravated druving under the influence, driving under the influence, no valid driver’s license, speeding and wrong lane usage at 9:15 p.m. Aug. 26 on Dundee Road at Weidner Road. 


Residents of the 2400 block of Chambourd Drive returned home at 11:05 p.m. Aug. 24 to find the locking mechanism to their patio door had been broken. The bedrooms were gone through, but nothing appeared to be missing. No one was found in the house. 


A resident reported that while his son was riding his bike at 4 p.m. Aug. 26 at , a number of youths harassed him and poked at him. The son stated that he believes the youths are students at his school.  


A resident reported that someone used his credit card between Aug. 11-25 to make online purchases of three sets of headphones valued at $886.50. The items were shipped to an address in Iowa. 


A resident reported that her adult daughter had told her that she would be back home by 10:30 p.m. Aug. 23 and she did not return home. An officer reached the daughter on her cell phone the morning of Aug. 24, and she stated that she was at a friend’s house and that she had called her mother. The officer spoke with the mother who confirmed that all was OK. 


A resident of Villa Verde Drive reported at 11:10 a.m. Aug. 25 that she received numerous phone calls and messages asking her to check for water leaking into a unit below. When the resident spoke with the caller, he could not correctly identify the resident’s unit number or the complex. The resident believed her ex-husband was having his friends make calls to harass her. 


Someone kicked in the glass panel of the front door at Simon Family Dentistry, 746 Buffalo Grove Road, between 6 p.m. Aug. 23 and 7:35 a.m. Aug. 24.

A citizen reported that his vehicle was struck by a golf ball, which left a dent in the front bumper, was he drove eastbound on Half Day Road near Buffalo Grove. When the driver attempted to make contact with the golfers on the 10th tee, he was met with inappropriate language and threats. 

A resident of the 500 block of Cameron Way reported that a construction worker damaged his curbside mailbox at 10:05 a.m. Aug. 25. An officer spoke with the construction worker, who stated that he was unaware of any damage. The worker will report the damage to the company. 

A official reported that someone spray painted the surface of the tennis courts and signs surrounding the athletic fields between noon Aug. 25 and 2:45 p.m. Aug. 26


A receptionist at the American Board of Psychiatry, 2150 Lake Cook Road, reported a man entered the office at 3:30 p.m. Aug. 23 and introduced himself as a new guy working on the 10th floor. The man then questioned the receptionist about some equipment. The receptionist suspected the man to be a solicitor and asked him to leave. The man then returned and took a picture of the security badge scanner and front entrance and then left. A picture of the subject from security video was taken to the 10th floor company and no one recognized the man.

A resident of the 1100 block of Alden Lane reported that their son’s girlfriend left her car in their driveway and the girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend showed up and left shampoo and conditioner on the car at 5:25 p.m. Aug. 25. The girlfriend is in the process of obtaining an order of protection against the ex-boyfriend. 


A manager reported a woman came into the store, stayed at the off-the-counter drug section for some time, and then purchased a quantity of Allegra at 4 p.m. Aug. 24. A short time later, a man came into the store to get a refund for the Allegra. When the manager checked, he found that all of the Allegra and Zyrtec were gone from the shelf. The manager sent out a message to all Walgreen stores in the area, and the Palatine store responded that the two people were at their store attempting to return Allegra and Zyrtec. A complete license plate was obtained from the offenders’ vehicle. 


A supervisor at reported at 9 a.m. Aug. 26 that the boyfriend of another employee came to the store and threatened to beat him up if the supervisor did not stop talking to the other employee. An officer spoke with the boyfriend who stated that he came to the store because the supervisor would not take his call. The boyfriend stated that he simply told the supervisor that it was not cool to be sending inappropriate text messages to his girlfriend and hitting on her. The boyfriend stated that he would stay away from the store. 


Officers received a report of an open cell phone line with people arguing in the background at 12:05 a.m. Aug. 24. The cell phone determined to be at eSkape. An officer spoke with the manager who stated that there was no incident and there were no issues. Officers spoke with the patrons, and no one called 911. 


An employee on the 1-100 block of Lexington Drive reported that she ordered some items from Dell and was double billed for some of the items on July 21. The employee called Dell and they removed the double charges. Last week she received a letter from a collections agency stating she owed Dell a payment. The employee again called Dell and she was told that she must file a police report to close the matter out. 

A resident of the 600 block of Patton Drive noted a porch light on at 8 p.m. Aug. 23 at the neighboring residence that has been unoccupied for the past four years with the electricity off. An officer checked the house and found no one inside and all in order. 

A resident of the 500 block of LeParc Circle reported that her garage ceiling was leaking and that the water was coming from the upstairs unit at 7:25 p.m. Aug. 25. Entry was made to the upstairs unit and the water was shut off. The unit’s owner was contacted and advised. 

A resident reported that an anonymous person placed a profile of her on theblackbook.org with sexually explicit comments on June 25. The resident was advised to contact the website and have them remove the profile. 


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