Sente 'is a Leader'

Letter to the editor

I personally know both Carol Sente & Sid Mathias and have worked with both. They are both decent, hard working, family oriented people. They both care deeply about our community and are not seeking political office for any individual profit or gain. Since they are both incumbents in the State Legislature and are now running against each other in the newly drawn 59 th District, I have to make a choice. I choose Carol Sente to continue to represent me in Springfield.

I choose Carol because I believe she embodies all of the qualities that I look for in an elected official. Carol is a leader. Carol regularly meets with local residents, and not just during election years. She holds regular meetings with constituents and has walked door to door almost everyday she has not been in Springfield since she became our Representative. Over the past 2 years, she has walked my neighborhood at least 4-5 times, knocking on doors, introducing herself and asking people what issues they face. She personally returns phone calls and emails from her constituents. Carol shares her opinions, popular or not, and has demonstrated an ability to vote against her own party's leadership on major issues like voting against the raising of state income taxes.

Carol has earned my support based on this record of independent leadership & genuine accomplishments. She has the character, judgement and independence needed to work for real solutions to the difficult issues that face our state.

Carol is a leader we can be proud of. I hope you join me in voting for Carol on Nov. 6th and return her to Springfield as our State Representative for the 59th District.

Scott Jacobson

Buffalo Grove

bg49 November 02, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Sente is a follower that has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mike Madigan, who is responsible for almost all that is wrong with Springfield.


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