'Send Sid Mathias into His Retirement'

Letter to the editor

I am so tired of politicians. They often distort their own records and basically lie about their opponents. I detest negative advertisements that are commonly outright fabrications. 

State Representative Sidney Mathias is running one of the uglier campains I can recall. Clearly, he's behind in the polls and desperate to cling to office by unleashing innuendo attacks on his opponent. 

For instance, Mathias claimed his opponent was behind the 67% state income tax increase when she, in fact, opposed it. Mathias also stated his opponent was for higher property taxes when HE proposed a bill requiring higher taxes when school districts merge. His opponent voted it down. 

Mathias recently trumped these distortions with the claim his opponent was a puppet for Speaker Madigan. Mathias conveniently failed to mention he voted for Mr. Madigan to be Speaker 6 times. Mathias is a career politician who has received vast sums of money from special interests over the years. 

It's time to stop tolerating untruthful candidates who twist facts and replace them with citezen legislators out to do real public service. Send Sid Mathias into his retirement to enjoy BOTH his state pensions. It's time for better government from elected officials we can be proud of.

Edward Cramer

Long Grove

"It's time to stop tolerating untruthful candidates who twist facts and replace them with citizen legislators out to do real public service." Well, I'd say the above covers 99.99999% of all politicians! That's why we need term limits on all office holders. They are so out of touch with 'the real world and people' due to being office holders for so long they've no concept what we are all burdened with.


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