'Outstanding Public Service' Earns Votes for Mathias

Letter to the editor

Sid Mathias has earned our vote with his years of outstanding public service in our community. He reflects our independent values by consistently working across the aisle with both Democrats and Republicans.

Sid has a history of working tirelessly to help our community, specifically by bringing Metra commuter trains to our doorstep. He has continued his efforts by working on an expanded train schedule. Sid is on focus for pension reform and recognizes that our state needs to address pension system shortfalls now!

Additionally, Sid is a supporter and legislator that who looks out for all of his constituents, especially those who need him the most. As an issue close to our family, Sid is an advocate for individuals with special needs and is a good friend to Clearbrook and Keshet, organizations that serve individuals with special needs. 

Sid has run his campaign taking the high road in spite of the opposition's negative campaigning. As historically Democratic voters, we proudly support Sidney Mathias for State Representative in the 59th House District and urge you to do the same.

Renee and Michael Klass

Buffalo Grove


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