Electing Mathias 'Will Benefit Us All'

Letter to the editor

My Wife and I purchased our first home, being fortunate enough to be able to settle in such an amazing place as Buffalo Grove. Shortly after moving in, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Sidney Mathias, the current State Representative. I had this unique opportunity, as Sid is always visible in the community, and is always accessible to his constituents. He truly embodies the true meaning of what a public servant should be. He votes with his conscience, and always with his constituents in mind.

Sidney Mathias has done great things throughout his tenure in public life, being responsible for such major feats as bringing the Metra rail line to; Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills, and Mundelein. Sidney Mathias fought against the tax increases put forward by his opponent’s political party, and fought for those who cannot help themselves. He has battled for better care for the mentally ill, helped secure insurance parity for those with mental illness, additional benefits for children with Autism and protected the rights of the disabled. Furthermore, Sid Mathias has consistently supported local school districts, ensuring that property tax decisions are in the hands of local municipalities instead of under the control of the State Government, as doing so would decimate local school district funding. 

I encourage anybody who supports their local school district, supports lower taxes, and who anybody believes that the current State government leadership needs to change to come out in support of Sidney Mathias this election, as doing so will benefit us all.

Jeff Battinus

Buffalo Grove


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