Tollway Deploys All Plows

Long evening rush hour travel times predicted.

The Illinois Tollway continues its full deployment of all 183 snowplow trucks in an effort to combat snow conditions and keep all 286 miles of roadways clear of snow and ice, the department announced Friday afternoon (Jan. 20). The Tollway's Snow Operations Center is open and fully staffed and will remain open throughout the duration of this weather event.

"Our snowplows have been out salting and plowing our roadways since this morning, but there are areas along our system that have begun to collect snow," said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur. "Our full fleet will continue to work throughout the evening, but we're expecting a challenging Friday night rush hour as a result of this snowfall. We're asking our customers to drive carefully and give our snowplows plenty of room to do their work."

Since the snowfall began this morning, the Tollway has helped 28 motorists in need of assistance, providing services such as changing tires, charging car batteries, dispensing fuel, calling for tows and transporting customers.

If travel is necessary, the Tollway provides the following tips:

  • Slow down and leave enough time to reach your destination
  • Do not make sudden lane changes and always use your turn signal
  • Don't follow too closely and increase your intervals between vehicles
  • Remember to always wear your safety belt and ensure children under the age of 8 are securely restrained in child safety seats
  • Yield to snowplows and emergency vehicles
  • Don't text while driving.  It's illegal.
  • Dial *999 on your cell phone to report incidents

If you are involved in a drivable property damage crash, relocate to a safe location and exchange information. Reports can be made at any Illinois State Police District within seven days. If you are involved in a personal injury or non-drivable crash, stay with your vehicle and contact 911.


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