How to Keep School Lunches Safe

Lunch shouldn’t make your kids sick. Here are some tips to preventing foodborne illness in their lunch bag.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

By Emily Stone

There are enough nasty germs and bacteria crawling around schools already, you don’t need to pack in more with your child’s lunch. But if their food is sitting around for a few hours before lunch period, it’s at risk of harboring bad bacteria.

Patch’s friends at Kitchen Daily have come up with some tips to keep your child’s lunch safe. 

Here are a few:

  • Get an insulated lunch bag instead of using a brown paper sack. Bonus points for being eco-conscious.

  • Make their sandwiches on frozen bread. It will thaw by the time lunch rolls around and will keep the sandwich filling insulated.

  • Make sure your kids know not to put their food — whether brought from home or bought at school — directly on the table.

What other tips do you have for keeping lunches fresh and safe?


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