Reiner Honored for 25 Years on Park Board

Larry Reiner was recognized for his commitment at the Dec. 5 meeting of the Buffalo Grove Park Board.

The Buffalo Grove Park District has undergone many changes over the past 25 years, and Larry Reiner has been there through them all.

Reiner, the board’s president, was honored this month for 25 years of service by the Illinois Association of Park Districts.

Reiner has been a part of many changes over the years. Since he joined the board in 1987, soon after the park district acquired the Alcott Center, the park district has gained new land, developed the Raupp Museum, fitness center and golf center and added many parks and amenities. 

“I haven’t done anything, actually. It’s been the park board together,” he said.

“Our boards have always had a broad vision as to what the park district could do,” he said. “The park district is committed to doing things in the right way for the residents. If they can’t do it the right way, they don’t do it at all.”

Reiner also praised park district administrators for their work, and noted that the district has been recognized with awards for its fiscal management and safety initiatives over the years. 

The next big project before the park board is the renovation of Congregation Beth Am’s building, which will be converted into a performing arts center.

Reiner, whose current term expires in 2015, said he’ll be around for that and likely in the years that follow. While he acknowledged the progress the park district has made over the past 25 years, he said there’s still work to be done. 

“The community has a whole still needs a centralized community center. Someday it would be nice to have one,” he said. “There’s many other programs and activities that need to be provided for the community.”

Those include more offerings for adults and seniors, he said. Reiner said he’d also like the park district to offer non-membership health and wellness programs in addition to the ones available to fitness center members.

After 25 years, Reiner said his commitment to the park board remains strong. 

“I’ll continue to support the park district as long as they want me to,” he said.

If he’s encouraged to run for an eighth term in 2015, “I wouldn’t say no,” he said. “There are still many more things to do.”


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