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Hi! My name is Jennie Spallone. I've been a Buffalo Grove resident for the last twenty years and a Coldwell Banker Realtor -- now a Broker -- for the last six. Back in the 1980s when interest rates were 15 to 18 percent, I worked as a Realtor for Koenig & Strey Real Estate so I've seen the worst and best of both worlds. Current interest rates are under 3.7 percent -- the lowest they've been since 1959! You can reach me at realtorjennie@aol.com. www.jenniespallonerealtor.com
When I'm not enabling clients to reach their real estate goals, I'm writing suspense novels -- my second one came out last October -- or volunteering in the community. My mantra is "There but for the grace of G-d go I." I'm no Saint -- okay, actually I am. The Saints is a Chicago-wide volunteer ushers group for theater goers who hate paying the big bucks. But that's another story. I believe we're all put on this earth to positively interact with people, through smiles, kind words, and making the world a better place. Do I always succeed? Heck, no! But in Judaism they say, "Change one person's life, you've changed the world."
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