2012 goes out with the usual array of unusual police calls...

Gaggin' in the Grove -- Another month and another collection of some unusual calls to the Buffalo Grove Police Department.

Well, 2012 went out with the usual assortment of police activity reported by the BG Police Department.  Here’s a look at some of the calls that may make you wonder what some people are thinking.

Sensitive, isn’t he?

Complainant reported that he told a driver that he was parked in a fire lane, and the driver told the complainant that it was none of his business. The driver also stated that if he is confronted by the complainant again, he will do bodily harm. Officers located the driver in the parking lot, and because the complainant did not want to sign a complaint, the driver was sent on his way.

Better late than never…

Resident reported that he lost his debit card a year ago, and did not report the matter to the bank.  The bank contacted the resident to tell him of on-going activity with the account.  The bank has cancelled the account.

Must have been during a full moon…

Resident reported that he had used drugs with a person he believed to be an FBI agent, and now there are more than forty officers outside of his house.  Officers noted that there were no officers or other persons of any kind outside of the resident’s house, when they arrived.  The resident refused to go to the hospital for an evaluation.

Yet, another scam…

Resident received an offer of employment after he posted his resume on Careerbuilder.com.  The offer required the resident to sign a contract and send his financial information so they could do a direct deposit into his account.  The resident correctly suspected this to be a scam. (This is not necessarily funny…but a good example of why people need to watch for scams…)

And for this they called the police?

Customer was making a disturbance because a store official would not allow him to purchase a large quantity of TWINKIES.  The official stated that only 10 TWINKIES per person is allowed.  The customer was advised the store can set limits and for him to buy his 10 TWINKIES and leave, which he did.

Let’s see, lights, camera, action?

Resident reported that he has a wildlife camera in his back yard, and when he reviewed the photos, he found one of a male subject standing in the yard looking at the resident’s house.  It is unknown who the subject is.

Talk about making the order “to go”….

Owner reported that one of his employees is going through a divorce and the estranged wife came to the business and caused a scene.  Officer spoke with the wife who could not understand why the police are involved, but did understand that she is no longer welcome at the business.

Talk about trash talking…

Officer observed a male subject take a bag of trash out of his car and place it into the Park District dumpster.  When the officer spoke with the subject he stated that he thought the dumpster was for public use. When the officer advised the subject of his misunderstanding the bag of garbage was placed back into the car.  A citation was issued.

Must be the excitement of Christmas morning…

Resident reported that her neighbors are arguing and that a child could be heard yelling and crying.  Officer spoke with the neighbor who stated that he and his daughter had just finished opening presents and the girl was excited.  No one else was in the apartment and the girl was fine.

Well, at least there is neighborhood watch…

Resident reported a male subject entering a neighboring home through a rear window.  Officers found the rear window closed but unlocked.  The home was checked and no one was inside.  Officer contacted the homeowner who stated that she asked her son to go to the house and retrieve some items, and since the son did not have a key, she told him to use the window.  The homeowner was advised to call 911 to let them know in the future if her son will be using the window again.

Did he have to pay waiting time?

Maintenance worker stated that while working inside the building, and unknown male subject began knocking on the doors and windows and requested to be let inside.  When the worker would not allow the subject inside, the subject left in a taxi.

And finally…

Downtown redevelopment, elections, crime?  The following article was covered by some media as a "major news story." 

This is my final Buffalo Grove Police Blotter.  Due to financial reasons, my position has been cut from the budget effective January 1, 2013.

Though I have never met many of you, it seems as though we have become friends.  I appreciate your feedback and contributions to this Blotter.  I have enjoyed writing it for the past five and a half years and will miss doing so.  I do sincerely hope that you were well informed and that you have gained some knowledge on crime prevention and safety.  Remember to be a nosy neighbor and call 911 if you see anyone or anything that seems suspicious.  Thank you!

Have a Happy New Year and I wish you health, happiness and prosperity.

See ya!!!!!!!

 Pete Lippert

Deputy Chief Ret.

But rest assured…the department responded…

We received a couple questions asking if the Blotter would continue. The answer is....Yes, The Crime Prevention Unit will continue to send out the Police Blotter. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 847-459-2560.

 Thanks for your effort and hard work Pete.  Good luck and keep the left arm straight.

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