The Subconscious Messaging Behind Color

By knowing the subconscious feeling behind colors, you can seek to choose colors that will help to reinforce your message for your next sign.

Whether you have a sign at your business or in your front yard, the purpose of that sign is for your audience to take some sort of action.  For example, you may want the viewer to go to your website for more information or to stop by your garage sale.  Understanding the meaning behind color will either help or hinder your ultimate goal.  By knowing the subconscious feeling behind colors, you can seek to choose colors that will help to reinforce your message for your next sign. 

Different shades can have different connotations, but here is a general guideline for the meaning behind common colors:

Green is the most restful color for the human eye and is often associated with balance and growth.  As with most colors, green can bring forth some negative feelings such as jealousy.

Blue is the second most powerful color.  Blue is a contemplative color, meaning intelligence, strength and trust.

Red is a bold, passionate color that commands attention!  Red gives the impression of seriousness and power.  Red promotes excitement and action.

Orange is associated with vitality and optimism.  Orange is bright and inspires enthusiasm and conversation.  

Purple conveys integrity and stimulates creativity and intuition.  Purple can be used when attempting to get people to develop new insights.

Yellow stimulates the mind and is the first color the human eye notices!  It is optimistic and cheerful, uplifting and illuminating, brightening people's spirits.

Pink conveys unconditional love and nurturing.  Pink can promote a sense of self-respect and contentment.

Brown gives off a down-to-earth and secure messaging.  Because brown is found so abundantly in nature, it gives a sense of familiarity and genuineness.

Gray is a neutral color and therefore signifies compromise, security and reliability.

Gold is the color of success, wisdom, and quality.  The use of gold implies affluence, and extravagance.

Silver is associated with sophistication.  It is a color that is illuminating and balancing.

White is associated with purity and new beginnings.  The color meaning behind white is wholesomeness, cleanliness and simplicity.

Black exudes authority, power and control.  Used in the right way, black can showcase sophistication and elegance.

Knowing how color can come across and communicate your message is powerful.  The use of specific colors in your sign can have a profound impact on the end result that you are trying to achieve.  In choosing colors for your next sign, use red and oranges to alert, remember that blues and greens can be seen as professional and soothing, and that yellows and fluorescent colors spawn excitement.

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