VIDEO: Stevenson Student Cheers for Turnabout Date

Cheerleader Stephanie Norman found a creative way to ask her boyfriend to the school's turnabout dance.

Stephanie Norman has been anticipating ’s turnabout dance. She’s long had her dress. As of this week, all she needed was a date.

The junior checked off that last detail Tuesday when her boyfriend, Paul Marcson, accepted her public invitation to the dance.

Norman, co-captain of the junior varsity cheerleading squad, lured Marcson to the girls basketball game, where she and her fellow cheerleaders surprised Marcson by spelling his name out in a cheer. (See video.) 

The cheer, which usually spells “Patriots,” was tweaked for the occasion.

“That’s when he realized, after the ‘U,’” said Norman, who shouted, “Paul, will you go to turnabout with me?” at the end of the cheer. 

Marcson stood in the stands grinning; when prompted for an answer, he gave a thumbs-up and responded with “Yes!”

“It was a little embarrassing, but it’s a good kind of embarrassing,” Marcson said minutes later.

“Kids often try to come up with something creative to do,” he said. “It’s fun when you see it public like this.”

The surprise invitation took some work to pull off. Marcson’s dad worked with his son’s wrestling coach to get him out of practice Tuesday night. Norman cleared her idea with her cheerleading coach, got her teammates on board and helped lure Marcson to the gym.

“I told him to be quiet and stop asking questions,” she explained.

The two Buffalo Grove residents will join their classmates Feb. 11 at the school for the dance.

While many girls try to find unique ways to invite boys to this annual event, plenty still keep their proposals out of the public eye.

Cheerleader Ally Marcus, who helped Norman pull off her invitation, said she quietly secured a date to the dance. After participating in the basketball cheer, she said she wished she had tried something similar.

“It was fun. It was really exhilarating, actually,” the junior said. “We were so excited.”

Have you found a creative way to ask your significant other to a dance? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Robyn February 02, 2012 at 05:05 PM
So cute!!!!
SHSgirl28 February 03, 2012 at 01:11 AM
I am a SHS student and we have a program called Freshman Mentor Program, when upperclassmen help freshmen easily transit into high school with the use of half their lunches about four times a week. My frehsmen and co-FMPs helped me go into my friend's (who is also an FMP) advisory one by one with a letter spelling out 'Turnabout 2012 [name]?' I was the last person to enter the room and had a poster saying 'They said it for me, TB?' It was so cute and worked out well!


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