Trustees Ignore, Argue with Stone

Some Buffalo Grove officials tried to ignore Lisa Stone as she spoke Monday night, while others offered her guidance or engaged in heated debate.

State Rep. Sid Mathias was not the only public figure who . 

Stone made repeated visits to the podium, where she addressed topics including water quality, , the legalization of marijuana and concerns about mosquito abatement. As she spoke, some trustees left the dais, while others made other overt efforts to keep Stone from their lines of vision.

“Trustee Trilling, can I have your attention when I speak?” Stone asked at one point.

“No,” Steve Trilling replied.

As Stone continued to talk, Trilling closed his eyes. Trustee Jeff Berman turned his chair backward so that he faced the wall while she spoke.

During that five-minute period — a maximum amount of time permitted for citizens to comment on an agenda item — Stone talked about her past job, praised the work of Health Officer/Deputy Building Commissioner Brian Sheehan and , as well as the village ordinance that places restrictions on pit bulls and Rottweilers, for which she rallied several years ago.

“The question is,” she said, getting to her point, “do we have any criteria for that mosquito spray so that it might not be worse that West Nile itself?”

“I understand that I’m not conventional, but I just want answers already,” she said. “…What is in the spray?”

“If you had just asked that one question — you were up there five minutes,” Trustee Beverly Sussman told her. “In 30 seconds, if you had just said, ‘Let’s find out what’s in the spray,’ that would be a good question. Why didn’t you just ask that question?”

“Don’t tell me how to work my form,” Stone replied.

After Village President Jeff Braiman used his gavel to restore order in the room, Trustee Andy Stein asked Sheehan to explain how the abatement companies’ sprays are certified.

Sheehan said the sprays are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Tension also arose Monday night when Stone sparred with Trustee Jeff Berman over whether he should have disclosed on paper years ago that his wife worked for a law firm that was contracted by the village. Berman replied that he was not required to do so and called Stone’s comments “inappropriate innuendo.”

“You are making an accusation. I’m demanding that you withdraw it, right here, right now,” Berman said.

“You can’t demand anything of me, because I’m telling the truth,” Stone answered.

“You’re full of baloney, is what you are,” Berman replied.

After Stone concluded her final remarks, made during the public comment portion of the meeting, she was about to leave when she realized that Mathias was making his way to the podium. “Sid, I’ll stay for you,” Stone called to him.

Mathias then proceeded to distance himself from her, announcing,

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Erica Williams September 15, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Bunch of bullies. And I'm not talking about Lisa Stone.
RELENTLESSCRITIC September 15, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Just as I predicted in another thread... Stone re-emerges and Erica Immediately drops her "can't we all just get along?" crap and starts her name calling again. Nice try Erica, we saw right through you.
Walter White September 15, 2012 at 01:41 PM
She won't be pushed around!! (said in Teddy KGB voice)
Richard Crane September 16, 2012 at 08:29 AM
How about "demonized" instead of "demoralized?" If you're going to babble and support the village idiot, you should at least get something right. R
J September 20, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Since this just "popped up" on my screen...Perhaps Lisa Stone is better off arguing with a level higher than the Village. From what I am observing, she IS arguing and her issues should be addressed at a County or State level and not with the Village of Buffalo Grove. Please stop wasting Buffalo Grove tax dollars and get your concerns to the right group of people. Lights, heat/airconditioning, cleaning crew, bathroom supplies, paper/electricity, Trustee time and effort are all being wasted on listening to Lisa talk to deaf ears since the problems are at a higher level and belong outside of B.G. Lake County should address the Water problem...Not Buffalo Grove. If the water issue is on Cook County side, then CookCounty should address it. Lisa is not a lawyer and is walking a fine line right now. Doing legal research and working for a lawyer does not a lawyer make. She claims to not have graduated from College in one of the many rantings of the village meetings. It is my understanding that ... Can't become a lawyer if you don't have a license. And, to get a license, you have to go to Law School and actually complete it and pass the BAR exam. And, to go to Law School, you have to apply(and get accepted) as well as finish college with a degree. See a pattern forming?


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