New Expenses Arise for Weiland, Lake-Cook Studies

Buffalo Grove officials agreed to spend more money to help move the projects forward.

Buffalo Grove officials signed off Monday on $467,000 in unexpected engineering costs associated with the .

But, they added, the village will ultimately pay only a fraction of that amount.

About half of the expense will be used to complete a study of Lake-Cook Road between Hastings Lane and Raupp Boulevard. The $241,000 will be fully reimbursed by the Cook County Highway Department, officials said.

The remaining $226,000 will be used to complete the first study phase of the Weiland/Prairie corridor from Lake-Cook Road to Route 22. Lake County will reimburse the village for about 83 percent of the cost, leaving Buffalo Grove’s portion at $38,421, Public Works Director Greg Boysen said.

Studies regarding environmental factors and noise walls account for the additional cost. Noise walls are proposed along both corridors to create a barrier between traffic and nearby homes. Residents who would be impacted by traffic noise will ultimately vote on whether noise walls are installed.

The expenditure was approved 5-1. The dissenting vote came from Trustee Andrew Stein, who questioned whether the additional cost had been included in the village’s budget, and whether additional expenses could arise. 

“Do we foresee any more unforeseen expenses?” he asked.

Boysen said no additional expenses are expected. Village Manager Dane Bragg said capital reserve funds will cover the new expenses until the reimbursements arrive.

JDS March 12, 2012 at 05:43 PM
I don't think we're talking about the same area when I said people would be forced from their homes through eminent domain. I was referring to the people who live on Weiland Rd near Pauline. It may be easy for you to say the buyers should've considered these issues before buying their homes. The fact remains, Weiland Rd between Lake Cook Rd and Aptakisitc Rd can't be turned into a four lane road without negative impact to AJHS, to the people who would lose their homes on Weiland, nor to the Veterans Memorial the Village approved just a few years ago. Picture the long stretch of road with the pre-existing residential, school, and Park District developments. Now try to picture this same part of road widened to FOUR lanes! Where are they going to put the four lanes without affecting these areas of our community?!? Do you really think it is right for people to lose their homes to accommodate increased traffic twice a day? Do you think it's OK for a village to affect the safety of our school children by expanding a road closer to the school which has been there for years? Do you feel the Village should negatively affect the War Memorial dedicated to all who have served this nation, many with their lives? I don't think these results should have to happen just to expand a road. I had children who went to AJHS and I was a Major in the Army. I would not want either side of Weiland road to be sacrificed for a road, especially when they are going to expand BG Rd!
JDS March 12, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Your comments about the pre-exisiting businesses isn't appropriate. These are viable businesses that have been employing people and paying taxes for years. How they look should not be a factor in the Village Trustees' decision. I also don't think they are part of the Village in the first place but I could be mistaken. I have not heard from the owners of these businesses and homes on how they feel about the expansion. They might want to have their places bought out through eminent domain so I won't try to speak on their behalf. However, to say the construction of this new road is OK with you because of the type of businesses and the condition in which the homes look is wrong, especially in these hard economic times of the past years.
JDS March 12, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Thank you for your positive feedback. Like you, I feel the Village Trustees are wastefully spending money on an additional study when they need to focus on the expansion of Buffalo Grove Road. They have commented in the Village meetings they see expansion of this are to be more feasible and less adverse to surrounding homes, businesses and schools. The ONLY part of the Weiland Rd proposal I think is a good idea is the expansion of the road SOUTH of Lake Cook Rd to connect with BG Rd. They should expand that part of the road to a four lane road and put traffic lights on both ends of the road. The major setback however is I believe Wheeling has jurisdiction of this part of the road, not Buffalo Grove. At least in this area, the homes are set back from the road and no one would be forced to lose their home because of the improvements. This change would also stop people from cutting through the Walmart parking lot to achieve the same result- to get directly from BG Rd to Wieland without having to go onto Lake Cook Rd and having to wait for three stoplights.
RELENTLESSCRITIC March 12, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Sorry, but that area is a mess for long periods of time every day and is a huge inconvenience for those of us who drive it. The situation won't get better by ignoring it, and improving BG road won't significantly impact it either. This needs to be done.
JDS March 13, 2012 at 11:58 AM
I just wonder if your opinion would be different if you were one of the families scheduled to be forced out of your home for an improvement to a road?


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