Neukirch Resigns as Buffalo Grove's Deputy Village Manager

Ghida Neukirch, who has worked for the village since 1999, has accepted a position at the City of Highland Park.

Buffalo Grove’s deputy village manager resigned this week after 13 years with the village to accept a similar position in Highland Park.

said her move is a “wonderful opportunity” to work in what she described as “a progressive municipality.”

“I think the hardest part about it is leaving friends and people who I respect so much,” she said.

Neukirch was hired by Buffalo Grove in 1999 as an assistant to the village manager. She was promoted to deputy village manager in 2006.

In that capacity, she has overseen economic development, negotiating more than a dozen incentive agreements and working on residential developments and shopping center redevelopments. Most recently, she coordinated the with six other municipalities. The program, which was approved by referendum in all seven towns, resulted in lower electricity supply charges for participants.

She also as Buffalo Grove's village manager in 2010, filling the gap between the departure of Bill Brimm and the .

The first village staff liaison to the village’s Arts Commission, she oversaw programs such as the Invitational Fine Art Festival, , the and Limelight Cafe, which provided performance opportunities for youths and adults.

She praised Buffalo Grove’s committed volunteers who make such programs possible.

“Buffalo Grove has over 150 volunteers who are really hardworking and just committed to the village,” she said.

“It’s been such a great opportunity to work with so many residents and businesses ... and advance the community in that regard,” she said.

“We have an extremely lean organization. Everyone works so hard,” she added, describing Buffalo Grove’s professional staff as “efficient and cost effective.”

Neukirch will spend her last day at work opening and staffing the Invitational Fine Art Festival on July 21. Another village employee will oversee the second day of the festival, she said.

She will assume her duties as Highland Park's deputy city manager on Aug. 1. As they did in Buffalo Grove, her responsibilities will include project management and overseeing communications and economic development. New duties will include working with youth and senior service departments and the clerk’s office, she said.

J July 10, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Ms. Stone,for the last time, LEAVE ME ALONE. Stop harassing me.
Mark Bushey July 10, 2012 at 11:43 PM
I can't believe you are still citing HipCheck16... didn't you lose that appeal? And saying that you are signing your birthright name to "credible comments" is ludicrous. Nothing that you have said or done can be considered credible.
Lisa Stone July 18, 2012 at 06:57 AM
Janet: When you leave the entire Village Hall open that is much different than leaving the door to your office open...please realize the difference and change dangerous habits. The Village Hall is not your home or office and given our budget of approximately 63 million/year, & documents that are critical to our citizens, you must consider why you continuously leave the doors unlocked to our government. While you take this personally, so do we the people, as it is OUR documents that we entrust in your apparently careless hands. Get with the program or get out of the way, respectfully. Thankfully, you are no longer part of the "issue" that was stifling Ghida's burning bright future. Trust me, she's free at last. Free from people like you, your interesting perspective of government trust and your blatant "old school" politics. Soon to be, "Highland Park Ghida", is entering a sunny environment where she can breathe and thrive. Her smile alone exposes her kindness and authenticity which I felt at "Hello." Jan, perhaps you should check out your smile, reflect and contemplate....but please, please get a key chain already, pin it, wear it or do something so you can keep hold of it! You've left the Village Hall open at least twice that we know of and that is 2 times too many. Own that. Take pride in your practically uncontested Clerk position. Doing it right the first time is my motto and secret of success. It's not about winning, but simply with honor & conscience.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 18, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Yep, you sure followed your own motto of doing it right the first time...WHEN IT CAME TO SCREWING UP AND GETTING YOURSELF RECALLED, Jan should take pride in getting re-elected and rarely being contested. She has done an outstanding job in a difficult and demanding role that few people want. Thankfully, she's done so, and done it so well that residents will forgive the rare mistake. Unlike you, who couldn't do anything right as a trustee except be unruly, disruptive and inept. You're just angry, spiteful, jealous and envious of her long -time success in the role because you couldn't hold on to your own elected position for even half your term. Residents will tolerate honest mistakes from an otherwise talented and hard working elected official. They won't- and didn't- tolerate ineptitude, self centered grandstanding and buffoonery. You got that right the first time, didn't you?
J July 21, 2012 at 01:15 AM
L- In revisiting your comments, about this article, my observation is that you are unhappy with B.G and the way the Village is being run. You and the present Mayor of Highland Park seem to have hit it off and she has been encouraging you to hang in there (based on your words). It sounds like you wil be much happier living in HIghland Park and work with the government officials over there. When your children are ready to go to college, you may want to give this some serious thought. Use your energy to advocate for an area where you may actually have a chance of making a difference and with the relationship you have identified, you may have more credibility an thus more of a chance to succeed. -J


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