How to Stay Safe in the Extreme Cold

The following tips are provided by the Buffalo Grove Fire Department.

The Buffalo Grove Fire Department is reminding residents to take precautions during the severely cold weather anticipated in the coming days.

Residents are asked to stay indoors as much as possible during the severely cold weather. If residents must leave home, they should take extra precautions to stay protected.

Layers of clothing are among the best protection against severely cold conditions. It is also important to cover as much exposed skin as possible; frostbite can occur rapidly at these temperatures. 

Additionally, if residential heating units stop working, residents are advised to contact a repair person as quickly as possible. Do not use non-vented appliances, such as stoves, for heating. Keep space heaters clear of combustible materials.

Finally, residents are asked check on neighbors and friends who may need assistance. Cold affects everyone; however it can be especially hard on the elderly and the young. Also, don’t forget pets; their exposure to the cold weather should be limited. 


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