Update: Deerfields Bakery Issues Recount in Obama-Romney Race

After accurately predicting 2004 and 2008 Presidential races, the cookie count is too close to call.

(Update at 6:40 p.m.) When Deerfields Bakery closed for the day at 5 p.m. today the number of cookies sold with the likenesses of President Barack Obama and Republican Challenger Mitt Romney was so close the Deerfield institution has issued a recount.

“It was so close we’ve issued a recount,” Jacki Schmitt, one of the company’s owners, said. “You’ll have to check our website tomorrow.”

One difference between the cookie election and the actual contest is voting more than once is allowed. “We encourage it,” Schmitt said.

(Earlier at 2:34) Election day brought out a variety of opinions in Deerfield as people cast their ballots for President, Congress, the Illinois General Assembly and county races.

As people voiced their concerns over issues and expressed their preference for office, one poll which has accurately predicted the results of the last two Presidential elections are the cookie sales at Deerfields Bakery.

The local institution has been selling cookies decorated with the likeness of President Barack Obama and Republican Challenger Mitt Romney. In 2004, cookies were sold with the image of former President George W. Bush and John Kerry while four years ago customers could express their preference for President Obama or Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Eight years ago, Deerfields sold more Bush cookies at its three locations—Buffalo Grove and Schaumburg as well as Deerfield—and in 2008 the nod went to President Obama, according to Jacki Schmitt, one of the owners.

Who will it be this year? Cookies will be sold until 5 p.m. so if you want your influence felt, you can vote until 7 p.m. but you can only buy cookies for less than three hours. Channel 7 was taping a report about the cookies for its 5 p.m. news today.

Across the street from Deerfields, some voters leaving Deerfield Village Hall were not shy with their opinions. Trish Bouslog of Deerfield put women’s rights at the top of her priority list. “The two parties are polls apart in their philosophy,” she said.

Frazer Pahlke of Deerfield put his emphasis on the economy and foreign policy. “The economy is such a problem and nothing has been done in the last three and a half years,” he said after voting for Romney. “What happened in Libya was a shame.”

Trisha and Adam Rappaport of Deerfield were raised in the Village and graduated from Deerfield High School. They both voted for Obama and see the economy as a key issue. Their biggest concern is shrinking opportunity for the middle class.

“Fifteen years ago Deerfield was a different place. The police, firefighters and Village workers all lived here. Now you don’t see them here,” Adam Rappaport said. “We have four nieces and nephews with teaching certificates and they can’t find a job teaching.”

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