Buffalo Grove Prepares to Release Mobile App

Free app will soon be available to iPhone and Android users.

Buffalo Grove is teaming with other governing agencies to launch a comprehensive mobile app in 2013.

The app, which will be available at no cost to iPhone and Android users, will offer news feeds from the village as well as other local bodies, including the Buffalo Grove Park District, school districts 96 and 102, Stevenson High School, Buffalo Grove High School, Indian Trails Public Library, Vernon Area Public Library and Vernon Township.

App users will be able to receive updates from those organizations and contact them directly with questions and concerns. A photo feature, for example, will allow users to snap a photo of a burned out street light and send it directly to the village, which will receive the GPS coordinates of the photo, officials said.

The app, which is being developed by Constituent Outreach Consultants Inc., will be ready for village staff to test out by mid-January, said Andy Todd, the company's chief operating officer. It will be released to the public two weeks later, he said.

Buffalo Grove will pay $185 per month to maintain the app. Other governing bodies can pay fees to enhance their capabilities on the app, Todd said.

For more community news on your phone, check out Patch's free app here.


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