Buffalo Grove Lifts Alcohol Prohibition at Gas Stations

Buffalo Grove filling stations will now be able to obtain liquor licenses that will allow them to sell beer and wine.

This gas station, which is being reconstructed, has asked for permission to sell wine and beer.
This gas station, which is being reconstructed, has asked for permission to sell wine and beer.

Buffalo Grove gas stations were given permission to sell limited alcoholic beverages this week by the Village Board.

Trustees signed off on an amended ordinance that will allow filling stations to sell beer and wine. Displays will be limited to 11 lineal feet of coolers and 25 square feet of floor display space.

The change was sparked by a liquor license request from the Bucky’s Mobil gas station that is under construction at the corner of Route 83 and Arlington Heights Road. The gas station is being rebuilt to include a Bucky’s convenience store and car wash. Bucky’s representatives said the new station will open in April. 

Acting on “a gut feeling,” Trustee Steve Trilling asked the board to discuss the proposal rather than include it in among a group of more routine business matters combined in a single vote.

He wondered whether gas stations, which often have a single employee, would be able to juggle carding customers and preventing alcohol theft with handling other convenience store sales and monitoring the pumps. 

Police Chief Steven Casstevens said more thefts typically take place at larger retailers where the activity is less likely to be observed.

“I really don’t see this as a significant issue,” Trustee Jeff Berman said. “If we have problems, we could change it, but I don’t see the need to say no.”

Some officials noted that they’ve seen alcohol sold at gas stations in other communities. Buffalo Grove trustees ultimately voted 6-0 to lift the prohibition on alcohol sales at the village’s gas stations.

Gas station owners who want to sell alcohol will have to obtain a Class D liquor license from the village. Buffalo Grove businesses that already have such a license include 7-Eleven, Aldi and Nino’s Pizzeria. The revised ordinance removes the requirement for locked coolers and no longer allows license holders to hold wine-tasting events.

Liquor stores, grocery stores and drug stores fall under a different classification.

Gillian G December 04, 2013 at 08:18 AM
It wasn't until I moved to Buffalo Grove that I saw a convenience store/gas station that DID NOT sell beer or wine and I've lived all over the country! I don't know why Buffalo Grove acts like they are taking a leap into the future with this decision. You don't even need to drive 20 minutes to be in communities that sell hard liquor at gas stations. Get with the times, and maybe Buffalo Grove could attract some younger residents. I'm tired of feeling like I live in Boca Raton, without the nice weather or beaches.


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