Buffalo Grove Continues Ash Tree Removal, Replacement Plans

The village plans to remove thousands of ash trees in the coming years and replace them with a variety of other trees.

The Village of Buffalo Grove will continue to replace ash trees with other species in the months and years ahead.

Bids are being solicited for the removal of 6,183 ash trees between 2013 and 2015. It is suspected that all ash trees in the village are infested with the emerald ash borer, officials were told earlier this year.

“We’re starting to see in the north part of the village the trees are showing signs of distress,” Village Manager Dane Bragg told trustees Sept. 10.

Trustees agreed last week to purchase 700 trees, which will be planted this fall and next spring. The new trees will replace ash trees that were removed due to ash borer infestation. 

“There’s a whole litany of trees. None of those will be ash trees,” said Village President Jeff Braiman.

Buffalo Grove will pay up to $165,000 for the 700 trees, which will be provided by St. Aubin Nursery. A contract was awarded to the nursery following a bidding process last year. Officials opted to waive bids this year and again contract with St. Aubin, which is honoring its 2011 prices.

The village expects to purchase and plant an additional 2,000 trees in 2013-14.

Buffalo Grove also contracted with St. Aubin Nursery to grow 3,300 additional parkway trees which are expected to be ready for planting in 2015-16. By entering the agreement now, the village locked in the 2012 price, which works out to $170 per tree, for a total of $561,000.

“Given that pricing is expected to rise in coming years, staff believes that this will be the most cost effective solution for trees available as soon as fall of 2015,” a village memo said.

Bragg said a specific tree removal and replacement schedule has not been determined.

“It’s almost like buying and selling futures,” he said. “We’re buying these options to get these waives of contracts for different trees to be supplied to us.

Staff will present a comprehensive strategy next month, Bragg said, that will include discussions regarding whether the village will assist homeowners with ash tree replacement on their own property. 

A public outreach campaign is scheduled to begin this winter, he said.

Information about the emerald ash borer and Buffalo Grove’s management plan are available on the village’s website.


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