Buffalo Grove Adopts New Communications Policy

Buffalo Grove recently adopted a new policy that outlines how the village will communicate with the public. 

The 14-page policy covers all current and potential village-run information venues, from the newsletter to possible future use of social media platforms.

The policy stipulates that all content will be first approved by the village manager’s office.

“Non-municipal community news … may also be included in the Village’s publications to further foster community interest and involvement,” the policy states, but only if the village co-sponsors the program or it receives funding from the village. Buffalo Grove Days and the art festival are cited as examples.

Information from other governmental or service agencies, such as counties, libraries, schools, park districts and utility providers, could also be shared by the village, the policy states. 

The policy also regulates the use of social media to communicate with the public. While the village currently does not have a social media presence, “To address the fast-changing landscape of the Internet and the way residents obtain information online, Village of Buffalo Grove departments may consider using social media tools to reach a broader audience,” the policy states.

Such accounts, however, “shall not be used as a public forum,” according to the policy. “The websites or pages shall be restricted to allow only official Village of Buffalo Grove posts or messages. The websites or pages shall not allow for the ability for the public to post or comment, to the extent allowed by the hosting websites.”

The village’s website will serve as Buffalo Grove’s “primary communications tool,” the policy reads. 

“Content posted to Village of Buffalo Grove social media sites will be available on the Village's main website. Any information posted on social media pages will first be placed on the Village website and on the Village calendar,” according to the policy. 

The policy does not specifically address social media accounts already in use by volunteer-run village committees such as Buffalo Grove Days and the farmers market.


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