Braiman Questions Stone’s Decency, Shame

Lisa Stone said she’ll continue "nagging" Buffalo Grove Village President Jeff Braiman. “I will shut up if you force me to, but you’d probably have to arrest me,” she said.

Periodic battles arose between Village President Jeff Braiman and recalled trustee Lisa Stone Monday night, when Stone made a half-dozen trips to the podium to address issues ranging from water quality to pedophilia.

Braiman, who at one point categorized her behavior as “unbelieveable,” repeatedly pounded his gavel and warned Stone to stay in order

"If you’re going to start attacking people, you’re going to sit down, OK? … I’m going to ask you to just be on target, on topic, please,” he said, when during a discussion about proposed improvements at a gas station she brought up an unrelated complaint about a trustee. During that five-minute period, she also touched on the facility's bathroom plans, free speech and pedophilia.

“There has been a decline in community activism,” Stone said. “Unless this is a Communist country, I think that you’re supposed to allow the public to speak.”

“You’re going to talk about the subject or you’re going to sit down,” Braiman said.

Moments later she did, but she returned to the microphone for the next three agenda items, seeking assurance that no pedophiles live within 600 feet of residents renewing their home daycare permits. When she broached a case that Braiman had handled as an attorney, he again tapped his gavel.

“Do you have no decency? Do you have no shame? Must you always attack people every time you step up here? Do you need some help sitting down?” Braiman asked Stone.

When she returned again to the podium following an update of the village’s ash tree removal plan, another exchange with Braiman began when she warned him not to use up her time by interrupting during her allotted five minutes. 

“Jeff Braiman, you’re running for judge and this is not fair,” Stone said.

“I’m just waiting for you to talk about something that’s relevant,” he replied.

Stone responded by asking whether the Land and Lakes landfill’s composting facility was still open. Village Manager Dane Bragg said the business has a permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Other comments by Stone included her concern over the proximity of bike paths to the landfill, requests that the village restore to its website video footage of the board meetings held during her tenure, and a query as to whether Veterinary Specialty Center uses lake water or groundwater. 

When Braiman said the business is on Lake Michigan water, Stone referred to the nearby Pekara subdivision in unincorporated Lake County when she replied, “Are we yet bringing the Lake Michigan water to the 5,000 people right next to this facility?” 

Their final exchange was the longest, when Stone returned to the podium to speak for 10 minutes during the “questions from the audience” portion of the meeting. During that time, she touched on topics including stormwater management at the site of the proposed downtown development, previous municipal election campaigns, State Rep. Sid Mathias’ recent public separation from her, and her 2010 recall.

“I got recalled Nov. 2, 2010, all for just being so pesty, you know, and I broke Robert’s Rules over and over, but I kept to the constitution,” she said.

“I was supposed to have my term until April 2013. So when I make a commitment, I’m in. It was for four years, so I’m probably going to be nagging at you and on your back probably when you’re no longer sitting on the board or any board, but that’s my opinion,” she told Braiman.

“I do talk circular and comprehensive because I have very little time and you guys taught me how to speed talk, by always hitting the gavel and saying, ‘Trustee Stone, shut up,’” she said.

“Is there a question?” Braiman wondered, seven minutes into her comments.

“I’m just looking for good government, honest voices, standing up,” Stone said.

“I want (lake) water for the Pekara (subdivision), for those 5,000 people,” she added.

Sandy Klein October 20, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Good luck with that. A friend of mine emailed Braiman and never even got a reply. I have no respect for someone who asks the board if they have any questions and then lets this nutcase go on and on with her personal attacks without cutting her microphone and then having her physically removed. He must not have a spine. I liked the guy but having seen him allow this destruction of most of the village board meetings - I've done a complete reversal. He shouldn't be in any position of power. He can't handle it, in my opinion.
susie October 20, 2012 at 11:39 PM
RC and Sandy: The purpose of recall is to remove an individual from office due to lack of performance, which Ms. Stone clearly was as she did not fit-the-bill. Were we all mislead that once WE ALL VOTED HER OUT, and was successful, she still has power of the entire floor? She sincerely believes she is still on the Board. When you watch this last performance, one has to ask ... 'who's on first?" Yes, Sandy, I agree with you, this is the final straw. My concern would now become, are we safe? Who's her next target and are they safe? Who would attend these meetings going forward with her presence?
susie October 21, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Cont'd... As Villages continue to struggle to fill empty store fronts and face financial losses, the only success story I have read lately is the Village of Lake Zurich. So what are they doing that the VBG can't? The constant so called 'agenda' at every meeting, never goes as planned, or is so pushed through because of the constant interruptions by Ms. Stone you sit and wonder, did I just miss something? Control of these meetings, yes I agree, needs to be brought back to the forefront, but by who and when? If this is how the Village wants to continue to conduct day-to-day activities, then I agree, its time to replace Board members and look for future opportunity to grow.
Abigail October 21, 2012 at 02:53 AM
I am amazed that anything gets done in the village with her interference, but then maybe that's her goal. Can the village ban her from village board meetings? If so, why haven't they done so? Relentless Critic is right--this needs to stop.
Joseph Bloseph October 22, 2012 at 01:10 PM


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