Beverly Sussman: Buffalo Grove Trustee Candidate

Beverly Sussman is running for one of three seats on the Buffalo Grove Village Board.

Name: Beverly Sussman

Family: Husband-Marty, 3 Married Children, 8 Grandchildren


  • Master Of Science in Education, City University of N.Y.
  • Bachelor Of Arts, City University of N.Y.


  • Trustee for the Village of Buffalo Grove 2009-2013
  • Retired Teacher – Kildeer School District #96
  • Retired President of AIM Business Printers

Previous Elected or Appointed Offices:

  • Trustee - Village of Buffalo Grove - 2009-2013
  • Commissioner - Commission For Residents With Disabilities-15 YRS.
  • Member of the Buffalo Grove Anniversary Committee
  • Member of the Sign Code Committee
  • Liaison to the Plan Commission, Buffalo Grove Days Committee, Commission For Residents With Disabilities (CRD), and formerly with the Board Of Health

Other community involvement:


  • Board member of the District 96 Foundation
  • Involved with Fun and Food For Residents With Disabilities
  • Recipient of the United Way Participation Award
  • Recipient of the Best Friend Award from the Buffalo Grove Park District
  • Presenter at Career Night for School District#214
  • Presenter for the Girl Scout Badge-Science Around Town
  • Sponsored Baseball Teams for the Thoroughbred League, Palomino League and Buddy Baseball
  • Sponsor of the Illinois Special Olympics with the Buffalo Grove Police Dept.
  • Event Sponsor for the Science Olympiad at Buffalo Grove High School
  • Gold Member of the Buffalo Grove Chamber Of Commerce


Position sought: Trustee - Village of Buffalo Grove 2013-2016

Campaign E-mail address: Beverly@aimbp.com

Campaign committee: Committee To Elect Beverly Sussman

Campaign Facebook: Beverly Kall Sussman

Why are you running?

I have been a resident of the Village of Buffalo Grove for 42 years. Being a Trustee is very important to me; it is a decision I did not take lightly. I want to have a say in the future of Buffalo Grove; I want to be involved and serve the residents of Buffalo Grove

I want to make a difference!

In what ways would the village benefit from your service?

I have served the Village of Buffalo Grove for 19 years. I am knowledgeable, experienced, open minded, independent and passionate in what I do. I am well prepared for every meeting I attend. A great deal of research goes into all of my decisions. I believe that EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER. 

What is the biggest challenge the village faces and what should be done to address it?

• Economic Growth and Development

Economic Development is one of the 5 strategic planning priorities identified in our Strategic Plan. We need to be aggressive and pursue new business opportunities. We need to continue streamlining the business process. We need to continue making it easier for businesses to relocate to Buffalo Grove, remain in Buffalo Grove or open up in Buffalo Grove. In the past four years, the Board has done many things to accomplish this goal. They include: changing and improving the sign code, making variations to the sign code on an individual business basis, approving special uses for: retail sales, recreational facilities, building additions, special uses in the industrial district, amending parking restrictions, having the Plan Commission approve signs, etc. We must continue being business friendly to new and existing businesses by reducing the time it takes for a business to be approved in the Village, by making additional and necessary changes to the sign code, by shortening the time it takes to get on the agenda, etc. We need to make the process:EASIER-FASTER-BETTER.

What do you think the village does well?

    • The Village has a balanced budget.
    • Both MOODY and STANDARD AND POORS gave the Village of Buffalo Grove their highest bond rating.
    • The Village received the distinguished Budget Presentation Award from The Government Finance Officers Association.
  2. The Village provides services to its residents.
  4. The Village follows the OMA and FOIA requirements.
  5. Village departments are always being improved to run smoothly. and efficiently.
  6. The new software program will benefit the residents of BG and make it easier for residents to pay their bills online.
  7. The Village has an excellent Police Dept. and Fire Dept.
  8. The Village has been selected as one of the safest places to live.
  9. The Village sponsors outstanding events: BG Days, BG Art Festival, Buddy Baseball, The Farmers’ Market, Fireworks Display, etc.
  10. The Village established a New Trash and Toter Cart Program.
  11. The Village established a Municipal Aggregation of Electric Supply to save its residents money.
  12. The Village’s Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI) – encourages employees to retire and there is a reduction in staff at the top of the pay scale.

What should be some of the village’s priorities over the next four years?

  • Maintaining a balanced budget
  • Providing all services to the residents of Buffalo Grove
  • Concentrating on Economic Growth and Development
  • Not raising taxes

What are your thoughts on the recent proposal to convert the Buffalo Grove Golf Course into a downtown? What do you think are some of its pros and cons?


My number 3 Campaign Issue is related to the proposed Downtown Development. This idea or concept is just that, a concept. We cannot and must not get ahead of ourselves. At the present time, there are just too many variables involved. The residents of Buffalo Grove must be kept informed and have an opportunity to share their opinions. I want to know how the residents of Buffalo Grove feel about the proposed development; I want community involvement. I will not make any decision or come to any conclusion until all of the issues are researched, investigated and discussed. Right now, it is too early to even discuss its pros and cons. We don’t even have a plan on how to proceed with the proposed development. It is still in its infancy stage.

What else would you like voters to know?

  • I have served the Village of Buffalo Grove for 19 years.
  • I have served as a Trustee for the past 4 years.
  • I am knowledgeable, experienced, open-minded, and passionate in what I do.
  • I am well prepared for every meeting I attend.
  • I am the right candidate to be elected as Trustee for the Village of Buffalo Grove.


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