Police Blotter: Marijuana Arrests

The following information was supplied by the Buffalo Grove Police Department. Arrests do not indicate a conviction; only a court of law can determine guilt or innocence. Email cristel@patch.com with questions about this blotter.

The Lake County Probation Department requested officers check an address for a male subject who should not be there. Officers found the subject in the basement of the house and he had been drinking and was seriously intoxicated. The incident occurred between Dec. 20 and Dec. 26 in the 
1100 block of Highland Grove Drive. The paramedics transported the subject to the hospital and contacted Probation.

Armando Martin, 21, of the 200 block of Cindy Lane, Wheeling, was charged with possession of marijuana, illegal lane usage, being uninsured and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was stopped at 1:10 a.m. Dec. 27 on Dundee Road east of Buffalo Grove Road.

Lillia Nava-Villalobos, 21, of the 400 block of Tahoe Circle, Wheeling, was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was stopped at 1:10 a.m. on Dec. 27 on Dundee Road east of Buffalo Grove Road.

A resident stated that when he walked into his garage, two male subjects ran out through the open overhead door. Officers checked the garage and detected a strong odor of burnt cannabis, and found cigarette butts on the floor. The resident stated that the subjects may have been his son and a friend.

Malcolm Kyle December 28, 2012 at 09:28 PM
An appeal to all Prohibitionists: Most of us know that individuals who use illegal drugs are going to get high—no matter what, so why do you not prefer they acquire them in stores that check IDs and pay taxes? Gifting the market in narcotics to ruthless criminals, foreign terrorists, and corrupt law enforcement officials is seriously compromising our future. Why do you wish to continue with a policy that has proven itself to be a poison in the veins of our once so "proud & free" nation? Even if you cannot bear the thought of people using drugs, there is absolutely nothing you, or any government, can do to stop them. We have spent 40 years and trillions of dollars on this dangerous farce; Prohibition will not suddenly and miraculously start showing different results. Do you actually believe you may personally have something to lose If we were to begin basing our drug policy on science & logic instead of ignorance, hate and lies? Maybe you're a police officer, a prison guard, or a local/national politician. Possibly you're scared of losing employment, overtime pay, the many kickbacks, and those regular fat bribes. But what good will any of that do you once our society has followed Mexico over the dystopian abyss of dismembered bodies, vats of acid, and marauding thugs carrying gold-plated AK-47s with leopard-skinned gunstocks? Kindly allow us to forgo the next level of your sycophantic prohibition-engendered mayhem!


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