Police Blotter: Grandmother Reports Suspicious Phone Call

The following information was supplied by the Buffalo Grove Police Department. Arrests do not indicate a conviction. Email cristel@patch.com with questions about this blotter.

A Buffalo Grove resident told police she received a phone call at 12:20 p.m. Feb. 7 from someone who claimed to be her grandson. The resident hung up when she realized the caller was not her grandson.

Police provided the resident with steps to take if the caller contacts her again.

Buffalo Grove has issued warnings about a number of different scams that have taken place in the area, either by phone or by strangers visiting residents’ homes. They have included warnings about scams on grandparents.

“Do not send money to someone who calls and says he is your grandson in jail in Guatemala (or anywhere else in the world),” reads a tip from a recent village newsletter.

Other tips offered in the article, written by Village Clerk Janet Sirabian, include:

  • Do not let anyone into your home that you do not know or does not have an appointment 
  • Do not give any personal information to someone at your door or on the phone. Your bank will never call or send an email asking for personal information. 
  • Do not send money to someone who says you are the beneficiary of a man in Nigeria … or a serviceman in the Middle East. No one is going to send you six or seven or eight million dollars. If I had all of the millions that were promised to me through emails, I would be able to pay off Illinois’ 15 billion dollar debt. 
  • If you have doubts about a call or visit, or if you want to report a scam, please call 911 immediately.


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