Police Blotter: Customer, Phone Call and Solicitor Complaints

These were among the reports released April 21 by the Buffalo Grove Police Department.


The owner of a business on the 300 block of Half Day Road reported April 20 that when he told a customer that his account number would not be accepted, the customer began to yell. Another customer stated that the offending customer was acting belligerently, taunting and calling the owner names. An officer left a voice message for the customer telling him not to return to the store.


A resident reported receiving numerous calls in the early morning hours between March 1 and April 15. Caller ID indicates Private Caller. The resident believes the caller(s) to be kids that go to school with one of his sons. The resident was given instructions for *57.

A resident reported April 20 that he received eight calls from a male subject, who the resident thought was a solicitor. The resident told the caller to stop his calls. An officer attempted to call the number but only received a message. Instructions for *57 were given to the resident.


An employee at a business on the 1000 block of Asbury Drive reported April 20 that a former employee was at the business soliciting and passing out brochures. When the former employee was asked to leave, he refused.  The former employee had departed before officers arrived.


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