Lawsuit: Palatine McDonald's Manager Sexually Assaulted Employees

Manager Alfonso Rojas is accused of pressuring female employees to have sexual contact with him, Courthouse News Service reports.

The manager of a Palatine McDonald's, 1570 E. Northwest Highway, is facing a lawsuit by four female employees who say he sexually assaulted them, according to Ann O'Connell, the lawyer representing the women.

Adriana Cazares, Isabel Pratts who also is known as Alma Perez, Yazmin Rodriguez and Elvira Rodriguez have accused manager Alfonso Rojas of demanding oral intercourse, fondling, digital penetration, and not allowing them to use the restroom until they performed sexual acts on and with him, O'Connell said. 

The four women claim the offenses occurred in the spring and summer of 2012, and filed suit against franchise owners Lawrence and Eileen Kushner, LEK Corporation [owned by the Kushners], and Rojas, in Cook County Court on Jan. 7, O'Connell said.

The allegations were previously brought to the Palatine Police Department in November of 2012, but no criminal charges were filed.

Palatine police Cmdr. Kurt Schroeder said an investigation was conducted in the case, and it was determined there was not enough evidence for the state's attorney to proceed with a successful prosecution. 

Generally speaking, there must be a provable use of force with allegations of sexual assault, Schroeder said, and police were unable to confirm that in this case.

O'Connell said she hired her own investigator. 

"I did have my own investigator, and based on information we found, we believe there was a criminal and sexual assault against all four women," O'Connell said. 

A summons and complaint were served to the Cook County Sheriff's office Monday morning for the Kushner's and LEK Corporation. The sheriff will need to serve Rojas, as he is not being defended by the franchise owners or the corporation they own.

"I also filed against the McDonald's Corporation as a respondent and discovery, which means I have the opportunity to find out if they are vicariously responsible in any way for what happned to my clients," O'Connell said.  

That filing also occurred Monday morning, and O'Connell said it takes up to 54 hours for the case to officially be on record. 

McDonald's said in a prepared statement, "McDonald’s Corporation has not been served with the lawsuit therefore it would be inappropriate to comment." 

O'Connell said she is in the process of subpoenaing video from the fast food restaurant she believes would confirm the accusations of her clients. She stated she has credible witnesses who saw first-hand the offenses Rojas is accused of. 

Chicago Food Guy February 03, 2013 at 08:45 PM
Well good for you Cindy! Two masters makes me an "uneducated ignorant" person. I guess with your MD/PhD, that puts you as an elite member of our society and the rest of us peasants don't know any better. As far as childish banter goes, calling people ignorant and uneducated in a forum is about as childish as one can get. Laughter in a serious discussion and telling others to get a life is somewhat juvenile.
Melissa S. February 26, 2013 at 08:08 PM
Wow Cindy, for someone as educated as you claim to be I find it pretty pathetic that you resort to name calling as a defense mechanism. You are acting on the same level as my 9 year old son does with his classmates. TAKE THAT! You are solely basing your opinion on how you feel about the people who own the McDonald's and not leaving any opportunity for doubt. Just because THEY are "good people" does not mean that this didn't happen, you, however are just the ignorant and pompous person who basis the legitimacy of something as horrendous as this on your feelings. Maybe you should go back to school and take some classes to freshen up all those degrees you have because I'm pretty sure all the education you've received wasn't based on feelings. And if you find it despicable to live in a country with a justice system such as ours (guilty till proven innocent) do us a favor and take all your knowledge and degrees elsewhere!
ex employee March 24, 2013 at 05:31 AM
Lol tats Cindy a regional McDonalds superviser she trying protect McDonalds tats all eillen used to bribe her so she pass inspection
ex employee March 24, 2013 at 05:38 AM
Plus tat McDonalds cheats ppl of their checks and hours wrked and truth is he did do sexual things but sum exepted in order to be managers, get better hours, or a better schedule lol only one of those is females innocent and actually harased...
Pamela McCallum August 20, 2013 at 06:41 PM
Pam I am a former employee of the kushners for almost 15 years I have never met two more amazing people they helped me when I needed it they also gave me work ethic I have today .Eileen even helped me make funeral arrangements for my mother . There is no way they knew about any thing like that going on in the restaurant Eileen would never bribe anyone her stores are the cleanest restaurants I have ever been in. You haters should be ashamed of yourselves .I will always love and respect them


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