Officer McGinnn Honored for 26 Years of Service

Buffalo Grove Police Officer Timothy McGinn retired this month from his police duties.

Buffalo Grove police officer Timothy McGinn was honored this month for 26 years of service.

McGinn, who was hired in 1986, was praised by Police Chief Steve Balinski, who spoke of his positive influence on the village and his colleagues.

“He promotes a sense of service. He promotes a sense of community. He promotes a sense of fairness and quality and treating people with honor and dignity,” Balinksi said.

“Every day he comes to work he comes with a sense of humor,” Balinski added. “He’s just a true individual that you just can’t live without.”

Although McGinn is retiring from his duties, Balinski said he’ll remain involved as a volunteer for the department by helping with squad car maintenance, court transmittals and public tours of the department.


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