Sheyman Brings a 'Truly Progressive Voice'

Letter to the editor

“Progressive!” is the catchphrase being used by Schneider, Tree, and Sheyman, the three most viable candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to run against Dold in the 10th District.

The Schneider campaign used the term at least 12 times in the dozen or so mailings sent to my house. Tree used it at least once in the half-dozen emails his campaign has sent to my inbox. And everyone lets the word slip in every time one of them is in front of a microphone, if only to remind us that here, in the newly redrawn 10th District, we finally have an opportunity to send a “Progressive” to Washington.

Well, like everything else, saying you’re a “Progressive” and actually being one are two different things.

Ilya Sheyman, unlike his opponents, has earned the right to use the term.

Ilya Sheyman has actively sought out ways in which he can make a difference. For over a year, Ilya has donated his time to facilitate job-interview workshops for people returning to civilian life after being incarcerated. He’s a founding member of Community Connection in Waukegan, an organization that helps connect citizens with the governmental and social services they need.

Ilya Sheyman knows how to bring people together. He’s mobilized thousands to unite with one voice to bring about meaningful change, whether fighting for healthcare reform nationwide or for fairer public school funding in Lake County.

I urge all my fellow Democrats across the District not to squander our chance to send a truly Progressive voice to Congress. Join me in casting your Primary ballot for Ilya Sheyman.

Yes, Ilya Sheyman, at 25, is young, but I hasten to add that he has done more to advance the Progressive causes he proudly embraces than the other two candidates combined. And besides, here is a bit of history to provide you with some perspective: Sir Winston Churchill became a Member of the British Parliament at the age of 26. Sometimes when you're destined to make history, you have to start young.

Elizabeth Bloom Albert

Highland Park

SH March 07, 2012 at 08:04 PM
I think what you have shown is that Sheyman has an extremely limited resume. He has bounced around from MoveOn to Howard Dean's PAC, and only recently moved back to the district. What our country needs right now are experienced leaders who are willing to work across the aisle. Brad Schneider has lived, worked, and raised a family in the 10th District for over 25 years, and is some one who will best represent the 10th district's values in Congress. Ilya seems unwilling to compromise on any issue (his support for an extreme stimulus that would rival that of 2008 and 2009, as well as a government health care system). Sheyman would only add to the divisiveness of congress.
blueforthe10th March 07, 2012 at 09:18 PM
SH - you bring up some great points. I couldn't agree more. Because of Sheyman's far-left positions, it appears that in the general election he won't stand a chance against Dold. It would be extremely unfortunate to see the district stay red. Only Schneider has a chance at defeating Dold and working for the best interests of the district that he knows so well.
flower child March 09, 2012 at 03:57 AM
Any age/life-experience “advantage” Brad has in the general election ends the minute Schneider gets on the Debate stage with Dold. Picture this: Moderator: Congressman Dold, what is your stance on Global Warming? Dold: I’d love to answer that question, but first I'd like to congratulate my esteemed challenger for having contributed 3 times more money to Mark Kirk over the years than I have. Moderator: Congressman Dold, what do you think of Obama’s Millionaire tax proposal? Dold: I’d love to answer that question, but first I want to congratulate my esteemed challenger for having contributed just shy of $6000 to GOP candidates, which makes my little $1000 contribution (to Mark Kirk in 2010—same year I was running for his old office—lol) pale by comparison. Have you had the opportunity to meet Ilya Sheyman, to hear him speak? Did you see any of the debates? Ilya, an awesome debater, will make mincemeat of Bob Dold!


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