Sente has 'Necessary Legislative and Business Experience'

Letter to the editor.

I read the letter extolling the value of experience that Sid Mathias brings to government, like a long time doctor or pilot. Experience is good to a certain level, there is a reason why surgeons put down their scalpels and pilots turn over the controls. They lose their edge and even worse, do things out of rote memory. Rep Carol Sente, the Democrat, has the necessary legislative and business experience. She bucked the leadership and got substantive change done, like "Budgeting for Results". It’s a significant piece of legislation that changed a culture requiring accountability in government not previously in place.

The Daily Herald who endorsed Sid Mathias, missed out that Carol has, and will in fact accomplish more. In reading the endorsement, the Herald listed just two reasons. The first is that he’s a Republican, even though Republican organizations who track these things, have found Carol to embody their values on as consistent a basis. The second is he’s the son of a holocaust survivor. While it is a terrible thing that his father went through, it is no sadder than the long imprisonment and torture that Carol’s father went through after the war at the hands of the Communists before his escape from Hungary, while his sister and mother were raped other family members were tortured and killed.

If an endorsement is to be given on the basis of conservative fiscal values and how much a person’s family has suffered in the past, then Daily Herald you goofed. Thank goodness the Tribune got it right and gave their endorsement to Carol Sente, who the Tribune said “She hit the ground running, introducing several bills that forced more belt-tightening, transparency and accountability in state spending... Sente, who is more dogged about reining in state spending, is endorsed.” 

—James (Jim) Schultz


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