Off And Running (Again)

This time, I really will run the Chicago Marathon.

There is nothing quite like getting a full eight hours of sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. The downside to this feeling of euphoria is that you might decide to do something totally extreme and — to many — insane. At least, that’s what I was thinking after I registered for the Chicago Marathon earlier this week.

“Uh, 26.2 miles is a heckuva lot of running,” I thought as I printed out my completed registration that said that yes, my butt will be at the starting line on October 9. (I sometimes do my best thinking well after the fact.)

, I’m not exactly a stranger to running — or to attempting to run the marathon. The CliffsNotes version is this: I was in training to run in 2007, then about a month before the race, I found out I was pregnant with Gracie. 

I always promised myself that I’d run the race. “Next year” became “no,” and the year after that it became “to be determined.” I’d think about it, and would occasionally talk about it, but it was just at some point down the road — "not now" or "later" were common refrains if I was asked about my running plans. After all, I have enough going on as it is; getting up early and running miles on end every week seems like just one more thing to add to my plate.

But then, before I reach a certain age. The very first thing I wrote was “Run at least one marathon.” At least one marathon — it is easy to be ambitious when one is writing lofty goals from the comfort of one’s kitchen table on a cold and blustery January morning. October was months away, and I don’t think the registration for the Chicago Marathon had even opened up at that point. Planning to run 26.2 miles seemed about as likely as learning to fly.

But I did it! I took the plunge and took the first step and registered. I am working on my training schedule, and my goodness, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. At times, October seems like an eternity away; at other times, I catch myself looking at the calendar and thinking “It will be here in just a few months.” I don’t have any time-related goals with this race. I just want to run it and finish it, because I am a runner, and “Marathoner” is sorely missing from my resume.

I also want to hear from marathon participants who live or work in Buffalo Grove. I’m sure we’ll have a fair showing from the 60089 zip code; after all, in last year’s Marathon.

Poofy Cat February 27, 2011 at 02:11 PM
I've always wanted to do a marathon as well. Is it too late to sign up and get trained to go from practically a couch potato to a marathon runner? (I do work out, but am far from being able to run long distances). Kudos to you for taking the plunge and signing up. A 60089 Marathon club would be pretty cool.


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