Negative Ads 'Wrongly Portray' Sente

Letter to the editor

There seems to be much public sentiment that political campaigning is more negative and unethical than it has ever been. Whether this is true or not is the subject of some debate. Politicians have long thrown mud at each other and the history of negative campaigning reaches back to the earliest days of this nation. Even today, rumor and gossip feed a press and public hungry for scandalous tales while candidates and their supporters seemingly can't resist the siren's call of attack ads. That does not make it right!

The most laughable negative campaign tactic I have seen, is Sid Mathias and his mouthpieces attacking Representative Carol Sente for allowing her supporters to send out supposedly inaccurate and negative ads about Sid. Really Sid? All this righteous indignation from the king of negativity and falsehood? The pot calling the kettle black is much more like it!

Sid, whose ads contained false claims that Representative Sente raised property taxes. Sid whose ads wrongly portray Carol Sente as a puppet and lackey, using sexist language and misogynistic overtones? Sid whose ads falsely demean Carol's genuine accomplishments, character and independence? 

Enough Sid! We are not fooled. You are a no hapless victim. Hypocrite is more accurate.

Dennis M. Skidmore

Vernon Hills


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