Lincolnshire Officials: Mathias 'Understands Our Municipal Issues'

Letter to the editor

With the election just days away, it is vital that we work to put the right people in office. One of those right people at the state level is Sid Mathias.

He is dedicated to addressing the issues that affect us while many of his peers look for the next special interest campaign contribution. Sid is one of us, someone trying to make a difference, someone trying to improve things for the next generation of residents in this state.

Sid wants to make sure there are good jobs here, that all schools in this state prepare students for the challenges that lie ahead, and that state government doesn't take more money from our pockets than it absolutely needs. Sid has represented the people in each and every vote he has cast on legislation in Springfield. He doesn't answer to political powers; he answers to the people.

With our state in desperate need of strong leaders to get us out of the current financial woes, we need  fighters like Sid Mathias working in Springfield on our behalf. He needs to be our representative in the 59th House District. Sid doesn't pull punches and has no problem telling his peers when they are voting for their own pocketbooks and not the wallets of Illinois residents.

Whether it be on the local level as the mayor of Buffalo Grove or on committees in the state capital, Sid Mathias has always done the right thing, always taken the high road, and always done what was best for the people. Sid understands our municipal issues, has been a great link to Springfield for our community and we rely on him for our community problems that relate to Springfield.

He is a driven, dedicated individual who will do the research on an issue to make sure he understands its impact on the people. With the host of fiscal problems our state must tackle, Sid is committed to being a full-time legislator, to putting the time in to lead us out of this financial chaos.

With his proven record of working on behalf of taxpayers, Sid deserves our support. Please join us in wholeheartedly supporting Sid Mathias for representative of the 59th state House District.


Brett Blomberg                                   

Mayor, Village of Lincolnshire


Tom McDonough

Trustee, Village of Lincolnshire


Elizabeth J Brandt

Trustee, Village of Lincolnshire


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