Thanksgiving, from the Mouths of Babes

Listening to what kids are thankful for can be really entertaining.

We encourage our toddlers from the moment they can coo what sounds like actual words to say thank you. After all, it’s one of the two magic words (please and thank you) that we preach to them to use on a regular basis. 

With Thanksgiving upon us, there’s nothing better than asking kids, the younger the better, what they’re thankful for. They have the best answers. They are literal and truly will tell you what, at that specific moment, they are thankful for. I still have a school project hanging in my laundry room from my son’s kindergarten class. He was thankful for his bed and the whole world. I treasure that sentiment and I love that he could appreciate his bed at such a young age. He must take after me as I treasure my bed each night when my head hits the pillow like a ton of bricks.

I checked in with some Buffalo Grove and Long Grove kids to see what they’re thankful for.

Lucy McCormack a sweet 9-year-old says, simply, “It’s pumpkin pie.” Brett Schwartz, 6 years old, has a much longer answer. He says, “Friends and family, and shelter, electricity, sunlight, moonlight, trees, bushes, my mom and dad and my sister and my au pair, my grandma and grandpa, and my grandma and grandpa, because I have two of each, and my step-grandpa, because I have a step-grandpa, and liberty.”

Another few with simple and meaningful answers, Em Kouri, 8, is thankful for her pets. Grace Collins, 10, is grateful for her friends and Mia Nimmagadda, 9, says, "I am thankful for my mom because without her I would not be here." Wow, Mia is quite profound! Sam Winkleman, 4, says "I’m thankful for Mommy and Daddy and the Indians." Too cute that Indians rank up there with mom and dad! 

For kicks I checked with my two high school-aged kids and asked their friends what they were thankful for. Here is a summation of their answers: I can sleep late. No school. Cousin time. More time for Xbox. Shopping. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have asked, that was more depressing than not. 

At this Thanksgiving season it’s true, it’s time to reflect on our bounty, count our blessings and give immense thanks for our family, friends and good health. But it’s also fun to hear the simple things that make us happy and grateful as well.

For me, I’m not only thankful for the obvious, but I’m also thankful that I’ve got crazy kids and nieces who love to go out at 4 a.m. for the Black Friday shopping specials with me. Wish me luck. I’m debating starting at midnight this year!

As always, email me with any news, topics or ideas that you want to read about. Remember, I’d like to be the first to know! I can be reached at laurenbgpatch@aol.com.

Lisa Kaplin November 24, 2011 at 04:37 PM
That is so cute! Even the teenagers weren't too bad.
Claire Gilbert Kluever November 28, 2011 at 05:17 PM
So cute and fun to hear what the younger crowd has to say about the holidays! For my college aged boys, sleeping, eating and "hanging out at home" was truly a great gift for them just prior to end of the year exams!


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