Elect Mathias for 'Experience and Leadership'

Letter to the editor

This election is not just important on the national level. It is important on the local level as well. State Rep. Sid Mathias needs your support to ensure that our area has a strong voice in the state capital. Voters sending Mathias downstate as our representative guarantee that we have someone in Springfield fighting on our behalf. As the Daily Herald said in its endorsement of Sid for the 59th District State House seat, “We admire Mathias’ gusto and we see a need to keep moderate Republicans like him in the legislature to fight head-on the power structure that has produced our current state of dysfunction.”     

Sid is that constant champion for taxpayers. He is that forward-thinking leader who knows what needs to be done to get our state back on track. He is that rock who will stand up to politicians who are more concerned with building campaign war chests than making sure our children get quality educations.     

Mathias brings a common-sense approach to problems facing this state. He saw a loophole in the state’s criminal codes, a glitch that allowed family members to assist fugitives from justice without repercussions. He sponsored legislation that closed the loophole and which was signed into law this summer by the governor.  

Sid Mathias is someone who needs to remain in Springfield to ensure that our voices are heard, that our concerns are addressed, and that our tax dollars are not wasted. He is someone who has served our state extremely well. His experience and leadership are urgently needed, now more than ever.   

Please join with me in supporting Sid Mathias for representative of the 59th District on Nov. 6.

Maureen Stolman

Buffalo Grove


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