Did You Enjoy Buffalo Grove Days? Share Your Experience, Thanks Here

Another festival has come to an end. What did you like most about this year's event? Take a moment to share your experience and give a shout out to those who made the festival possible.

Five days of Buffalo Grove Days festivities came to an end Monday. Since then, the village’s festival has remained on community members’ minds, as evidenced by the photos they’ve shared on this site, continued interest in event coverage and shouts out on social media to the volunteers who made the whole thing possible.

Some have told me that it’s the carnival they enjoy the most, while others say it’s the musical entertainment, which this year included performances by Casey Abrams, Jamie Lono and Little River Band, along with shows by more local musicians.

Many have shared with me that their favorite part of the event is the private party for people with disabilities, who have the chance to attend the carnival on Labor Day before it opens to the general public. Those guests continued to display smiles long after they crossed Lake-Cook Road to enjoy food and more entertainment after their carnival ended.

Then, of course, there are all the other aspects of Buffalo Grove Days — the Buffalo Grove Rotary Club’s Bingo game, pancake breakfast and duck race; the Buffalo Grove Stampede; the Buffalo Grove Area Chamber of Commerce’s beer tent; the BBQ Challenge; the parade; the craft fair; the assorted local restaurants that provide food; the clowns, stilt-walkers and balloon artists that entertain the youngest fest-goers, and the celebrity impersonators that amuse the older ones — that make this annual celebration complete.

What was your favorite part of this year’s event? What have you enjoyed most in the past? Share your memories with us here.

And remember, Buffalo Grove Days would not be possible without — our neighbors — who work for months to plan the event and cheerfully remain on the festival grounds morning, noon and night to ensure its smooth execution.

Volunteering can be a thankless job, and it’s easy to overlook the people working tirelessly behind the scenes just so the rest of us can have a weekend of fun. Let’s show Buffalo Grove’s volunteers how much we appreciate their efforts with a little public praise in the comment section below.

Terrie Bonestroo September 06, 2012 at 03:33 PM
We always have a great time at BG DAYS, this year we had so many family and friends out of town so we included them on a poster so they could share in the parade with us like they always used too.
Abigail September 07, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Some of the craft vendors look like they're selling the same thing as the booth next to them. What happened to those selling more unique items? Aren't there enough fancy barrettes and things already?
jen September 07, 2012 at 01:40 AM
I skipped the craft fair this year because it seems like they are they same people year after year. It gets boring after a while.
John J Kleeman September 07, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Such a great decision was made many years ago... to move to Buffalo Grove. The level of family support and professionalism exhibited by the community staff is exceptional. We live in a thriving community, even during these tough times. Buffalo Grove Days, and all the activities surrounding it make our community feel special - like small town America. Walking the Parade Route to our favorite viewing place - I was so happy to show off our "little" parade to the friends and family who joined us this year. Commenting, as we walked, about just how great an event this is. Neighbors Friends and Family all gathered to enjoy this last summer experience. So many interesting and fun family activities! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the tireless exceptional folks who make this event happen every year! Your Service to the community is far reaching. We enjoy and respect your volunteer effort. You set a very fine example for all. For me, having and sharing this last weekend with visitors – another confirmation of my decision to move my family here.
illinihawkmom September 10, 2012 at 06:11 AM
I feel bad for those who live along the parade route. I was disappointed by the amount of trash parade watchers left behind. There seems to be a mentality that there is someone else who will pick up after you. That usually means the homeowner. Please take your trash with you next year and leave the yards the way you found them!


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