Response To My Cyber-Shadow

With the help of the BGA and others, I've continued my pursuit of issues critical to the community at large. Yet some detractors, using phony names to hide, sit back, criticize & do nothing.


You must be masochistic, but you can roll however you want to in life, just please stay the heck away from me and my family, especially when we're at any Buffalo Grove or surrounding community events.  I say that because if you look at the pdf above, you'll read the email from Andy Shaw who has honored my work from the day the OTB legislation came to light in Buffalo Grove.  Can you believe that I was the Better Government Association's GUEST at their luncheon honoring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, and was asked to sit at Justice Stevens' table.... the longest sitting & literally legendary Supreme Court Justice Steven's table with approximately 8-10 other people??    

I've never followed the numbers on government related issues as I've told the FBI on several occasions, though I understand numbers are interesting to them on local, state & federal levels.  I ended up at the table in front of the honorable Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America, only because the head of the Environmental Law & Policy Center, Howard Learner, was next to Justice Steven’s table and BGA knew I needed to talk with Howard about Land & Lakes Landfill, which all went down just before the luncheon began.  

BTW, my Recall was just after the luncheon, so you can imagine the confusion, being honored by the Biggest Watchdogs in Illinois, yet dishonored by Buffalo Grove Government, where past and present officials funded my Recall!  Further, the Village Tavern hosted my Recall Party. Somehow they felt they'd succeed and all amenities were in place for the final numbers.  The issue that always irked me was that Buffalo Grove Government owns the Village Tavern, and therefore our government makes money on all tax revenue etc...  

So, in essence, by the laws of our Constitution and Country, from my perspective I feel that the government and government money was way too connected to my Recall, but I'm entitled to my opinion, as are others all over the Country that seem to be reading and watching the meetings from when I was an elected official.  Unfortunately, when the BG Videographer passed away in 2011, nobody in our government knew his private password to access all of our uploaded Board meetings. The people were entitled to watch & examine them, as I was not only on the Board when the contract was voted on, but I WAS THE TRUSTEE that spearheaded getting our meetings on the web site!  Sadly, those 18 months of enlightenment are no longer available for the public in BG and the community at large to access. Luckily, Buffalo Grove has DVD's for those that need to see the meetings, as do Trustee Beverly Sussman and myself, since I asked for copies when elected and Bev liked my idea and asked too!  


I may post that email from Dave & Andy inviting me to sit with them and Justice Stevens.

As you hopefully are aware by now, Andy Shaw is the head of the Better Government Association, which is the BIG WATCHDOG in Government.  Andy was the channel 7 political reporter for decades and then followed his passion, it appears.  I am just a little Watchdog, but some call me a Pit Bull, ironically, given the breed specific legislation (BSL) I spearheaded and successfully got passed, once called the Stone Ordinance.  


As far as your watchdogged-ness, let me give you some tips, since the people have been coming to me practically since birth, for my advice and opinions on issues that I didn't even know about, but am fortunately a quick study, when I care about an issue or person.  Drop the pseudo-silly name, as nobody can take you seriously with the name RelentlessCritic, unless that is your real name, and if that's the case it explains much about your inner child.....Especially your cynicism in life.  I am an idealist and believer that anything is possible if there's life.  I fight for what others think is impossible or a done deal, and have proven that I was right time and time again.  I've actually helped save lives, and I mean long before I was in government.  After I was in government, I tried doing the same and still am, in various different ways.  I've been called a "dyed in the wool" Activist by serious players and a "human rights activist" by many people that I have high regard for in life, as they are mentor-like to me. 


I hold government's feet to the fire, not citizen's, RC, so what is your beef??  Yes, I put myself in the public eye, but only after Lake County Chairman David Stolman persuaded me to run for Trustee...it wasn't even a sparkle in my eye!  I didn't know you could be a Trustee without a college degree, so it was not on my radar!  When I got BSL legislation in the late 90’s I thought that one day it would be interesting to get involved in local government, but I was told that one must have a degree to be a Trustee, so the irony all the way around is incredible.  


You sit back with your bogus moniker and appear to be masculine, so I presume a man in your subjective eyes.  I am a woman. I use my words as I've taught my kids, which they do incredibly well, but I don't want to brag....but shout out to the Mom's out there, as we were born to brag about our babies, right?  We are their cheerleaders in this sometimes cruel world.  Anyway.... you criticize me for years under a protective mask named RelentlessCritic.  On the other hand, I only comment in my name, as anything less would make me feel weak, pitiful & pathetic, but that's apparently what makes me part of a unique group, as I've been told.


What is painfully obvious is that you are no match for me as I am authentic and you are not.  If you were, you'd comment in your name and not a silly, "trying too hard", masculine pseudo name.  Instead you are the one that dishes it out and can't take it, as I leave myself vulnerable and open to your attack, since you know who I am, (where I live and my phone number).  What I know about you is the following:  You're weak, scared, nervous, cynical, for sale and need help.   I'd suggest you start with counseling from any clergy, as they all are good, so long as they stick to their Oath and Moral Code.  


I never took Judo, but I was the Mom that stayed at almost every practice and didn't miss anything so long as there wasn't a major milestone or life conflict. 

My boys' Coaches are the Cohen Brothers, who are the legendary Judo elite athletes, Olympians and also the Olympic Judo Coaches for the United States years ago.  Their sons have the same unique skill as well and famous around the world.  My older son spent 11 years and my younger son 7 years with the Cohens. My boys became wrestlers, which the 2nd generation Cohens coach at the high school level, dominating all they are involved in.  Truly, the family has athletic magic in their genes.  You never want to make a Cohen mad, though I'd battle with them and stand with them on some issues of safety, which involved travel and great times in New York etc...  Because of their high level of training and Militant Coaches, my kids understand their strength and skill and have never taken their Judo/Wrestling off the mat, other than having fun with friends, but never hurting people.  When my boys spar in the basement I almost go "postal" as the big question amongst their friends is who would win if seriouslysparring/fighting.  Hopefully, we'll never know, and fortunately they are the "real deal" best friends in life, which doesn't always happen with sibs.  That's how I feel about my sisters too. 

So with Judo, I just watched to make sure they didn't get hurt and there are very funny stories that one day you may read in a book.  There's a stuttering story that should be a chapter unto itself.  My kids sparred with some of the strongest guys (and gals) in the United States and on the planet believe it or not, hence why I sat through practices.  I always spoke up and the Coaches still treated me like family and visa versa.  What I gleaned is the concept of Judo:    http://www.thefreedictionary.com/judo

ju·do  (jd)


A sport and method of physical training similar to wrestling, developed in Japan in the late 19th century and using principles of balance and leverage adapted from jujitsu.

a.  the modern sport derived from jujitsu, in which the object is to throw, hold to the ground, or otherwise force an opponent to submit, using the minimum of physical effort

My husband taught me that you never ask a question for which you don't have the answer.  And surely to hold back your best documents.... I also learned to reveal your hand (or in this case the crucial documents) only at the right moment.  I made sure that many people have all my crucial documents.  The round table and pubic forum is when I hope to meet you RelentlessCritic, face to face.  Not face to mask anymore.   I hope you'll tap out already, as this is becoming even hard for me to watch you suffer this way.  Truce..... I forgive you, now you only have G-d to face.  



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Fed Up July 21, 2012 at 06:09 AM
Many of us saw the videos a long time ago, or attended the meetings and saw your nonsense first hand. The only thing there was you playing to the camera, and making a fool of yourself. Everything WAS on the table, and there was NOTHING there. Facts have been presented, in detail, and there is nothing there. Time for you to MOVE ON. Better yet, move out...of BG.
Stuart Tindall July 21, 2012 at 11:52 AM
A man died and you call it a convenience? You cruel insensitive b$%#h
chuck posniak July 21, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Lisa You say you "intensely shined the light in the dark corners". Well you found what was in those dark corners. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing". An activist who finds nothing all the time is worthless. That is what you are. You are a worthless waste of tax payer money.
Fed Up July 21, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Could it be - there's nothing to find? Oh, but that doesn't get Lisa's name in print!
Fed Up July 21, 2012 at 02:42 PM
And Lisa, if you want to sound credible, it helps to be somewhat literate. There is no such word as mocksy. Try moxie. The most relevant definition of moxie is "skill, know-how", which you are sorely lacking.
Sandy Klein July 21, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Mrs. Looney, you're wrong AGAIN. Boards do not need stalkers, they need concerned citizens that raise questions and help them better serve the residents who elected them. Those engaged citizens present their questions clearly and quickly and then get a response from the board once they've had a chance to look into it. That's the way it works. It doesn't work the way YOU want it to work, which is to pretend there's a problem even when presented with evidence that your allegations are baseless just because you're an attention seeking nut job who is completely delusional and has an agenda. You disrupted every meeting you sat in on, didn't understand Robert's Rules of Order and hijacked our board for the short time you were on there before we voters canned your @$$. We've watched you waste taxpayer money, saw you slander and libel people who don't agree with you and witnessed the victim act you love to project. You have nothing to contribute. Zero. The majority of people have spoken and we've told you that we're sick of you and don't want you involved, yet you continue like you're on some needed important mission. You remind me of a jilted lover who keeps coming back because he/she doesn't get the fact that they've been rebuffed. How stupid and delusional are you?
Warren Mullavey July 21, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Ms Stone- I don't not live in BG but have friends and relatives who do so I'm well aware of your ridiculous behavior in your short stint as a trustee and now, as a self appointed "community watchdog". As pointed out by your numerous and well-spoken (unlike you who has a hard time putting together coherent thoughts) critics, you are clearly delusional. In you world, being a disgraced former elected who was recalled by an overwhelming majority of voters, is something to be proud of as you previously stated. In your world, the elected trustees and other citizens of BG don't care that their water is tainted. They simply lack your courage and "mocksy" to take on the EPA and IEPA who have said many times the water is completely safe. These same board members and other citizens are simply turning a blind eye to polluted water that they, their family and friends drink daily. In your world, this is not a preposterous notion, but instead a reliable assertion based on evidence only you can understand. In your world, you are brave and strong enough to post under your own name while others do not. You can't comprehend that many people would prefer not to give their name to a litigation happy individual who clearly is obsessed with village government and has way too much time on her hands and an enabling lawyer for a husband. At this point, it's probably hopeless to reason with you, but as others have stated, you have absolutely no support from anyone in BG.
Warren Mullavey July 21, 2012 at 06:06 PM
You have lived in BG a long time and not one credible resident has come out to support you. Your BG friends, which as RC pointed out include childhood friends, have all distanced themselves from your actions as much as possible because they know there is no rational basis to support you and doing so would make them a laughing stock in a community that has soundly rejected your antics. I truly believe you are suffering from thought disorder as someone else posted. I believe any qualified therapist or mental health professional would tell you the same thing and perhaps help you see the world the way the rest of us do.
Lisa Stone July 21, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Masks at Large: CORRECTION: I stand corrected on my misspelling of "mocksy", yet I remain wholeheartedly convicted on the definition as well as my usage of the word, as careless as my misspelling was. Again, forgive my form over substance that one isolated time, on that one word. While I'm not at all bothered with spelling, I know that Monikers are deeply troubled with grammar and punctuation errors. It seems rather obvious that my passion has recklessly obtruded my responsible spellcheck pattern & duty this one time. I hope that you at least note that I do admit and own when I make a mistake. To err is human. That's how I roll and equally call it like I see it...though I try not to focus on the small stuff, such as this. I invite all of you and hope to see you, and your likely alter-egos, with or without your masks, at the Public Forum which will be held at the Rotary Village Green, in BG 60089, coming soon. I hope that "your" diversion doesn't throw you "off track" for too long and that you can get over my reckless spelling of moxie. Let me repeat: I fully own that I spelled mocksy wrong and should have spelled it as it is defined: moxie. Take a deep breath now and go out in the sunshine....it's a perfect day with clear skies above. With continued prayers, from all faiths in G-d & Energy, the sun will shine forever in and around Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089, and on the people all over the planet. http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-mocksy-mean
Warren Mullavey July 21, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Ms. Stone- Your misspelling of the word moxie is the least of people's concerns about your behavior. How is it that for such a "quick study" you constantly fail to understand what people are saying? It appears that it's just another symptom of thought disorder. You also appear to have developed some type of strange obsession with references to sunshine. In your world, the overwhelming majority of BG voters who recalled you live in darkness while you are basking in clear thoughts and sunshine. I understand your world is now getting very small and that appears to cause you great frustration. With some much needed help, perhaps you can rejoin the rest of us. You'll find it's really a much better world to inhabit.
Lisa Stone July 21, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Warren Mulavey: I've lived in Buffalo Grove 60089, unincorporated Deerfield, 60015, Glenview, Skokie, Lincolnwood, West Rogers Park, Vernon Hills, Scottsdale Az. and even Florida. I have true friends, some that I've made throughout my 51 years - the core from childhood. There's not one friend of mine that questions whether I "show up" in life, in the truest sense of friend. Whether it's milestones, birth, death, illness, crisis or just to "kvetch" to, as sometimes friends need to do - I'm there. I'm the best friend they could hope for, and they know that. Whomever you and RC are referring to, clearly aren't my real friends I assume, as I am acutely aware of who my real friends are. Unfortunately, I've had the unusual political experience to see who the "death bed" friends are, as my Recall was an attempt at my political assassination, as you well understand. I say attempt, because while "you" Recalled me, it was only because I refused to take my eye off the "Landfill" ball. Had I campaigned against it, you know I'd have been the 2011 President of Buffalo Grove, as I will share the stats that Retired BG Trustee, my Campaign Manager Brian Rubin provided me, demonstrating what my intense numbers meant. I had no ambition to run for President, but Braiman was freaking. Now he had to destroy Hartstein and me. My vote outcome was indicative that I had long won the trust of the people. Braiman was terrified & wanted it bad, and had never run a contested race. Game over.
Miki Crusius July 21, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Used the word "I" or some form of it at least 15 times in the paragraph above. Wow.
Warren Mullavey July 21, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Ms. Stone- The frightening thing about delusional behavior is that the those exhibiting it believe their thoughts or actions are very real. The fact that you believe that if you had campaigned against your recall you'd be village president is clear evidence of your delusions. I would suggest you have a long hard talk with many of your "true friends" and ask them if they support any of your opinions or assertions. Tell them to be brutally honest with you. If they are truly friends and have a capacity for rational thought, they will tell you what RC, the Village board and over 8,000 citizens already have and perhaps it will start to sink in. The first step is understanding you have a problem and I fear that may be the most difficult one for you to overcome.
Sandy Klein July 21, 2012 at 10:32 PM
It wasn't political assassination it was political suicide. Death by delusion and diarrhea of the mouth. And anyone who lies about someone pushing her, lies about someone attacking her, lies about hidden records and lost files, lies about threats to her family based on a non-threatening retort to some wise @ass obnoxious kid posting about his mommy will also lie about having friends. I'm sure they're just as real as the toxins in our water.
Sandy Klein July 21, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Warren M., the ironic thing is that the one person who consistently defends her is her husband and it hasn't changed anyones minds about her - but it certainly has changed the opinion many of us had about him. I thought he was normal until I saw what an enabler he is.
Warren Mullavey July 21, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Sandy K., You are right on point regarding Mr. Stone. He was generally a well liked member of the community who was active in youth baseball. My friends in BG have found his enabling of his wife to be very sad and call in to question both his judgement and his character. I know he was actively helping his wife in her futile attempts to find Hipcheck 16. Ms Stone had claimed this individual made hostile and threatening remarks to her 16 year old son that were so vile she could not bear to disclose them. She assured people that if the remarks were made public, though, everyone would see how noble she was in protecting her child. It is my understanding the remarks became public through no effort of Ms. Stone and every one saw them for what they were. At worst they were obnoxious, but they were not threatening or of a sexually predator manner. I think you, RC and others play an important role on these boards by continually countering Ms. Stone's baseless theories and allegations. Without you shining a light on Ms. Stone (to borrow one of her favorite phrases), some people might actually believe some of the inane positions she touts here ad nauseum.
chuck posniak July 22, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa When are you going to come into the real world? You did very well when you were first elected. You had support of the news media and many politicians. The public didn't know you and voted for you based on your endorsements. Well you managed to blow that political collateral within your first few months of offce. We the people now know you and we can't stand you. 75% of the voters said get out of town. Do you understand what 75% means? It means that 150% of the people buried in BG cemetaries would need to vote for you in the next election for you to come close. You have lost the endorsements of the media and the politicians that supported you. Try to get Rubin or Mathias to send a message in support of you again. It will not happen. So get real. You are a loser. Quit wasting BG tax payer time and money. And get some help. Sign yourself in.
Warren Mullavey July 22, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Chuck P. - Very well stated. At this point the likelihood that any elected official in Illinois would send a message supporting Ms Stone is less than them publicly supporting al qaida , Saddam Hussein, Hitler or the Grinch who stole Christmas. I agree Ms Stone strongly needs help. If it weren't for the fact that her antics have cost BG so much time money and effort, I would feel sorry for her. Correct that. Ms Stone has made so many baseless and mean spirited personal attacks of many of her political foes, that she isn't even worthy of our pity.
Sandy Klein July 22, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Warren, having seen the exchanges between Hipcheck16 and UncleW (guess Lisa didn't have the talk with Jed about using his real name when posting), I found her son to be obnoxious and offensive. He came on and ripped anyone who criticized his mommy and goaded people with name calling. All Hipcheck did was return the snark Jed was spewing and the crybaby must have whined to mommy who turned it into something salacious. He entered the discussion on his own, I'm guessing, but if people were posting negative things about me I would have warned my children to stay off the boards and not get involved in any discussion whether in person or online. Things are different on Planet Lisa, however, so one can only imagine how or why he got involved in the first place. Chuck P., even her new bff, Robert Sherman, seemed unhappy and embarrassed by Lisa's behavior at the last village board meeting. He went so far as to suggest the board can use him to educate people how to quickly and precisely state their issue at the meetings and then sit down. And by "people" he meant Lisa and whatever minion she has that week. The notion is laughable since only a leash and a muzzle could control that pitbull.
BG Resident July 22, 2012 at 04:46 AM
Stop giving her an audience...... Just sayin'
Mark Bushey July 22, 2012 at 06:40 AM
I have actually emailed both Mr. Shaw and Rep. Mathias regarding their support for you and your cause. They may not respond, however, if this water issue is something we need to be worried about, I would believe they would feel the responsible thing would be to tell me that. I will assume silence will mean they are not supportive.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 22, 2012 at 01:48 PM
STONE: "...while "you" Recalled me, it was only because I refused to take my eye off the "Landfill" ball. Had I campaigned against it, you know I'd have been the 2011 President of Buffalo Grove, " How arrogant are you to believe that after a year as the worst elected official in the history of a state, BG voters would then elect you President? How dare you insult our intelligence by presuming that we'd actually elect you to ANY office again after the mayhem and aggrevation you caused? If you had been doing anywhere near a decent job as a trustee there would have been no reason for people to ask for the recall referendum in the first place. And if you had been doing even a slightly decent job, you would have survived the recall vote without having to campaign- your performance would have stood for itself. But your performance was so aweful that voters had to put a stop to it before you did more damage to the community. No amount of campaiging could have swayed BG voters' opinions of you. You couldn't have talked your way out of a situation YOU behaved yourself into. You got exactly what you deserved- to be kicked out of office by 8,000+ angry citizens who needed to protect their community from you.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 22, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Ms. Stone- When are we going to hear back from your good buddy Sid Mathias? Why haven't YOU responded to the questions I asked you about him? Why didn't HE publicly support you during the recall, and why hasn't weighed in on your water quality concerns? You said you were close with him, the least he could do is show you and your cause some support right now, when you need it the most. And what about the countless other political "friends" you claim to have? WHERE ARE THEY MS. STONE? If your cause is just, they should surely be at your side, along with the scores of other friends that you claim worship the ground you walk on. ANd don't tell me to wait until your silly little party in the park- if they cared, they'd be speaking out right now. For those who are interested, Mathais was wandering around the BG art festival yesterday and I bet he'll be there again today. Maybe you can ask him how he feels. Or, contact him at: District Office: 4256 N. Arlington Heights Rd, Suite 104 Arlington Heights, IL 60004 Phone: (847) 222-0061 Fax: (847) 222-0062 Springfield Office: 200-1N Stratton Building Springfield, IL 62706 Phone: (217) 782-1664 Fax: (217) 782- 1275 We need to know where he stands on the BG water quality issue. It is time for him to make a puiblic statement. Does he agree with the findings presented by Mr. Boyson, or does he share Stone's concerns that there are problems? He owes us a response.
Peter Noonan July 22, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Mrs. Stone: After reading your comments, it seems to me that you think the BG board does not represent BG well and that you are still a political force to be reckoned with. If that is the case, I am curious why you don't circulate a petition to recall any of the sitting trustees. If it was that easy to recall you, and what you say is true about them, I would think that it wouldn't be too difficult to unseat one or more of them. I'm just wondering why you don't do that.
Warren Mullavey July 22, 2012 at 03:52 PM
RC- My guess is Ms. Stone will never address the valid questions you raised but will give a rambling off topic response that claims to again prove her points but actually proves nothing. Her comment about her being elected Village President may be the most delusional one she has ever made. Given all the ridiculous statements she has made over the years, it is quite a challenge to top them all. I wonder what her enabling husband tells her when she states that she would be Village President if she had just campaigned against the recall? Does he tell her "Yes dear, of course you would be Village President" just to placate her? Or has he also lost all sense of reason and actually agrees with her? It is clear the one thing he is not doing is telling her that only in an alternate reality does she become Village President.
Ed Muldoon July 23, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Relentless, a very good point. The media should certainly ask Mathias where he stands. It is simply good journalistic fact checking as long as she is tossing his name around. For that matter, what about all the other names that she also claims to have joined her? Has anyone ever contacted them to ask what is their level of involvement? Or to ask if they are even aware that their names are being used?
Mark Bushey July 28, 2012 at 05:05 AM
You said something to me yesterday, and I recalled teasing something similar in this post. I have to ask... why do you have so many conversations with the FBI?
Lisa Stone July 28, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Peter: I am way to busy "moving" many serious issues, which is why I didn't campaign against their Recall in 2010. Had I done so, they would likely have been, at least, Recalled, in my opinion. I've "Shone & Shown" some light. But now Democracy, following "State Statute" needs to do "bring it". Once and for ALL! I've done my share, whether you agree with my positions or not, & now the people at some 'boiling' point, must rise up, be Heard & Counted, as they've been forewarned & forearmed to their local government. If I were to circulate petitions, which isn't worth any more of my time, then yes, I'd agree with you Peter- it would not be difficult to unseat one or more of them. Piece of cake, I believe - but that's your job if you feel lack of trust, disgusted & want solid answers - with proof positive. It's got to come from the heart, which I think many citizens feel but don't have the time, money or energy to invest, nor do they think politics & government can ever change. FACT: It won't if they don't try! I've done my part & have never let up on ALL I discovered - as you may have read in the past. I don't believe that perfect government is attainable, sadly given human nature, but we deserve better than what we've got, for sure. People have only themselves to blame for giving it up, sitting silent and silently complaining behind the safety of their closed doors. Historically, actions speak louder than words....which is what is needed for change, IMHO.
Sandy Klein July 28, 2012 at 04:39 PM
And by "moving many serious issues" she means flapping her jaw. Hate to break it to you sweetheart but "campaigning" against the Recall would be like begging not to be executed. Your behavior had an end result you deserved and no amount of campaigning, begging, or anything else could have stopped that train. You got what you deserved: fired by the masses.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 28, 2012 at 11:28 PM
Yeah, but she sure has moxy, doesn't she? Just ask her!


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