Buffalo Grove Government Meltdown; Pedophilia, Narcotics, Legalization of Marijuana, Water & Assault

Thanks to the quick action by BGPD Chief Balinski ...

MUST SEE: To watch the video of all that went down at the June 18, 2012 Village Board Meeting, (Pedophilia, Water, Narcotics, Legalization of Marijuana) and other controversial issues, drag the scroll bar to the following spots on the time bar....45:00-59:00, 144:30 - 2:10:00. The incident that occurred just after the meeting adjourned where Stan Zoller had to be restrained from physically attacking me and the molested girls Mother, Bonnie George, is not shown on this video. But, the incident was captured on a separate video that is being analyzed by Cook County State's Attorney, Maria McCarthy. Thanks to Chief Steve Balinski BGPD for their quick response in preventing injury.  

Here is the video link: http://www.vbg.org/mediacenter.aspx?VID=34&CID=1

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Hal Dol July 05, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Cool! I didn't even know a municipal village board could legalize drugs, let alone pedophilia. I thought these were state and federal issues. I'm down with marijuana and narcotics being legal, but I'm not so sure about pedophilia. And dude, do you want to legalize pot because your last name is "Stone"? Is your middle name "Gets"? I gotta go to one of these board meetings. Is anyone there selling?
Civis July 05, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Lisa and her co-dependents should attend the next meeting, all wearing their tin foil hats and Star Trek shirts. I hope Lisa wears the red one.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 06, 2012 at 02:55 AM
And let's not forget all the wackiness, rambling nonsense and delusions of grandeur ( thinking she could be our next congresswoman) displayed by Ms. Stone at that meeting. Makes the drugs and pedophelia stuff look dull by comparison. Give it up, lady- no one cares about you or anything you have to say. Unless it is for the pure entertainment value of hearing what silly nonsensical tripe will spill out of your pie hole next. Must be a pretty sad, pathetic and boring life you lead- sitting at home on july 4th posting desperate attention-seeking stuff on the internet while everyone else is out enjoying the fireworks. Give it at rest- the board meeting was 10 days ago and no one cared about it then. Trying to stir stuff up now really shows how needy you are. What? Your small but mighty coalition couldn't get together for burgers tonite?
Stuart Tindall July 06, 2012 at 04:55 AM
It's almost like Lisa Stone is starting her own cult.
Lisa Stone July 06, 2012 at 02:10 PM
RelentlessCritic: I can't resist telling you that 2 of my Coalition members are in Europe and the other 1 is in Washington DC. As far as when I post, the promptness clearly doesn't matter anymore as all eyes are on Buffalo Grove and their interesting leadership. I've been working on too many serious matters to blog & comment, which frustrates me. But, do check out the rising number of "hits" on the June 18th Board meeting video. http://www.vbg.org/mediacenter.aspx?VID=34&CID=1. Drag the scroll bar to the following spots on the time bar....45:00 - 59:00, 144:30 - 2:10:00. Remember, that doesn't include all the people that are watching channel 6 and are appalled. Your passion indicates that the sunshine is getting to you and your Board buddies, which may even be you! We never would be running in the same social circle, so don't expect to be hanging with me and fellow "good guys" on any holiday or anytime at all. You're not the type that I ever have, am or will hang out with. Bummer...for you I think. Get over me already, RC. Your interest makes you seem stalker-ish. You won a few battles, as I couldn't sweat the small stuff....but it appears you lost the war. Big-time. You and your pals are outed, so to speak, as the sun is shining all over Buffalo Grove these days. Ya think? The party seems to finally be over....literally & figuratively. Try FOIA if you don't have a clear enough picture. In various places.
All eyes are on Buffalo Grove because America's Funniest Home Videos is in re-runs now!
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." The phrase's actual meaning implies the increasing likelihood of suppressed feelings for the contrary of that which is being argued. I.e., the more passionate and fervent the argument, the greater likelihood the cause is a suppression of belief for the contrary argument, and the subsequent confirmation that it is the (actual) truer statement.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 06, 2012 at 05:46 PM
The only thing people are appalled by when watching channel 6 is how disruptive you are during board meetings and how little you have to say. And you are right- the sun is shining all over Buffalo Grove, and it appears you've been spending too much time out in it. Tour comments could only have been made by someone suffering from severe heat stroke. And once again, despite your innuendo, I am not, nor have I ever been a member of the BG Board. I know you must be heartbroken because this does not perpetuate the conspiracy theory you've been trying to foist on everyone for the last 3 years or more. And you're one of the "good guys"? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Just when I thought you couldn't come up with a more misguided comment, you top it. Thanks for the laugh- I needed one.
Brooke Schriedel July 07, 2012 at 02:32 AM
God Bless Lisa Stone, for she had the balls and the heart to tell it as it is. She may not always be right, but take it from someone who has seen it first hand, those with power are quick to sweep the truth under the rug. She is a extremely intelligent woman who has raised her kids in a way 99% of the population could only dream of. The leaderd of the future, leaders that aren't going to back down because others dont like what they have to say. I give her credit for not going off on her haters and kicking your ass. I on the other hand, wouldn't take your lip. You want to spout your crap to me? Here's my email Schriedel@juno.com
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 07, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Hoo boy- another mindless twit decides to weigh in on her buddy Stone. And such a tough talking potty mouth, aren't you Brooke? But if you were a true friend to Stone, you'd be pulling her aside and attempting to explain to her that being recalled is a bad thing, that she's been wrong about everything she's tried to foist on the public ( like land and Lakes and BG water quality) recently, and that she should stop with her repeated pathetic attempts to draw attention to herself. And exactly WHAT has been swept under the rug, and who did the sweeping? You claim to know, so go ahead and name names. Stop with the vague innuendos, insinuations and half- baked accusations and provide FACTS that are irrefutable. Stone has been doing this for years and still has not come up with anything factual, and you won't either. So go crawl back under your rock until you have something meaningful to add to the discussion besides your silly tough talk. I have no desire to spout crap to you via email. It would be far too easy because you're obviously an ill-informed nincompoop. But you aren't worthy of my time and energy because you are inconsequential. And the best part is that the more you post to support her, the more I will keep posting about how off base she is. So keep up the good work. That's SO MUCH BETTER than sending you an email.
Lisa Stone July 07, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Hal Dol: I'm not a dude, but I hear your questions. I think and hope you meant to say "narcotics being" illegal, so please advise your readers. As to your other questions, if you ever hope to legalize, or be "down" with marijuana, lose the sarcasm, as nobody will ever take you seriously on this hopeful change, let alone the Haloperidol moniker (Hal Dol). Unless, of course, it's prescribed for you which would explain your contradiction in terms. Either way, I'm "down" as well, and in my real name as always... which constantly speaks to my conviction. How 'bout you Hal Dol? Shed your mask and get real, if you're really "down" as you say. It's never too late to come clean.
Lisa Stone July 07, 2012 at 08:15 AM
RelentlessCritic: I never met Brooke, RC.... but If "aren't worthy of my time and energy because you are inconsequential" is how you really feel, why then are you even responding to Brooke at all? Truth be told, anyone following over the years knows that you man or "woman" the comment boards like you're being paid! I "man" (woman) the boards because you talk about me and my family as if we're objects rather than human beings, so I have to carefully watch your words, as you know I'll take you to court if you step out of line again & again. Trust me. You know how Moms are with their children....we lift trains and landfills. Noticed? You've already tempted me a few times but I've been too busy with my Safe Drinking Water & Clean Water Act Coalition to deal with people as desperate as you. So, I take your hits, but trust me, they aren't being ignored....not by a long shot. If you're not in government, you do a great imitation of someone related or really tight. You are not playing it cool, by the way. That's if you're trying to pull off cool. To the contrary. Try your own name for starters.... it's kind of cool to speak your "peace" in your own name. Since your past attempts have failed miserably, give it a try RC. If that's too challenging, try RelentlessBirdBrain, given the Zoller "Bird Bill" that we're introducing to State Representative Sid Mathias this week. Somehow, I'd bet that you're "down" with the whole Bird scene, that hovers over BG right now.
Lisa Stone July 07, 2012 at 08:16 AM
Brooke: Thank you so much for refreshingly being a real person on this comment board, evidently with great courage...which seems to be a rapidly dying breed these days. Especially, thank you for saying something nice about my kids whom I am so proud of, particularly given the hateful experience that politics brings to all members of an innocent family related to an elected official. My pride is not because of their "on paper" success in life, but because they're really good solid human beings. Not perfect, as whose kids are (?)....but overall kind, considerate people. As evidenced over the years - the agenda driven cowardly monikers have trashed both my husband, (a very good and decent man) and my children, just because their Mom & wife had the "ovaries" to speak the truth in life. No wonder there aren't good choices of candidates running for government! It's like signing up for torture! I hope the tides change over time, or who in their right mind will represent the people? Aside, of course, from the friends and brown nosers of the Board members?! I hope Democracy finally kicks in and stops the madness in our Country. The public needs to READ and then VOTE whoever is HONEST. Democrat or Republican is secondary to integrity and honesty for those paying very close attention. BTW - I'm not running, so my advice is 100% objective. Thanks again!
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 07, 2012 at 08:33 AM
Just a thought... Quit bringing your kids up on these boards and have your husband stop posting and they won't be targets for posts. You continue to brag about them ad nauseum, making them fair game. Your "humanitarian" kids have YOU to blame for dragging them into the spotlight. They are simply pawns to get yourself more attention, and every time they are mentioned it gives you yet another opportunity to position yourself as a poor innocent victim. Too bad no one is buying it- you bring it on yourself and then revel in the self- pity. You can't help yourself. Simply put, if you want people to stop commenting on your family quit dragging them into your nonsensical political and social agendas and commentary and stop mentioning them in your scatterbrained postings. That way we can focus on YOU, your hair brained causes and unruly behavior at board meetings and your family can go back to living in obscurity, where they belong.
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 07, 2012 at 08:46 AM
I am soo very sorry for all the comments I have made about you and your perfect family. You were right all along, and I, along with about 8000 other voters had completely misread you. I now realize that every member of the board is a crooked political hack, our drinking water is toxic, land and lakes is a cesspool of filth that is destroying the continent, all pit bulls and Rottweilers should be shot on site, Stan Zoller is a mean spirited bully, and hip heck 16 is indeed a pedophile. And let's not even mention that horrible Elliott Hartstein! I am a very bad person and I hope you can forgive me for pointing out your numerous failings as a trustee and community watch dog. Can't we just get along? Wait. On second thought, never mind.
Joseph Bloseph July 11, 2012 at 02:35 AM
Thank God for Lisa Stone! Her scatological rants are the only thing which makes it worth it to watch the Buffalo Grove Village Board Meetings. Watching her loony stream of consciousness spewage makes me hope that I can see much more of her before she receives the psychological care she so obviously needs. Thank you Lisa for identifying the times where you appear in the video, because it makes it far easier to locate the best bits. I would appreciate if you could list all the dates and time periods during the videos so I can more easily watch them and share them with friends.
Lisa Stone July 18, 2012 at 07:02 AM
Joseph: Thanks. Will do!
RELENTLESSCRITIC July 18, 2012 at 10:51 AM
Yep. Spewing looney streams of consciousness is something we know we can count on you for. Thanks for confirming you'll continue.


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