The Best Hanukah Gift of All...the Firing of Bears Coach Lovie Smith

Clearly this reporter's fault for Bears demise. Lack of a champion for the team has led to a nose dive. The only solution now... FIRE LOVIE SMITH.

Yes, it is on me. I have been absent from the blog for awhile. I apologize but personal reasons made it neccessary.

I guess the Bears were insulted, the #1 Meathead not stroking them and building them up to the Super Bowl!

They really must have been angry...

They went ahead and went 1-4!

I was hoping to return and trumpet the Lovesters all the way to the big dance, but I simply can not.

The Bears Stink out loud! They are bad and getting worse. They are injured and have no backups. They can't call plays or make plays. They have 1 wide receiver and nothing else. There are so many holes in the offensive line, it looks like swiss cheese.

This team will be lucky to even win 1 more game. Thy might do so against Arizona, who is the worst team in the league, and that might be enough to make the playoffs with 9 wins.

Their schedule has been a cakewalk as i have been saying all year. Now we see the losses mounting when they have to go and play real teams like the Texans and 49ers and Packers. 

The Bears are a fraud. 

and so is the coach.

The very best thing that could happen is for the Bears to lose the rest of their games, not make the playoffs, and finally fire Lovie!

I have never liked Mr. Lovester as a head coach. As a person, he is tremendous according to all reports. A nice guy, a religious guy, a family man. Players love him because he treats them with respect. Owners love him because he does what they do, hide the truth.

As a reporter, you like him as a person, but he gives you nothing...ever. No injury updates, no good sound bytes, no controversy...nothing! plain! vanilla!

and thats what he is...a gallon of vanilla yogurt.

and thats where the Bears are...a decent team with a few stars, who can beat the bad teams, but get crushed by the good teams...vanilla!

The season is unraveling...and I am starting to think that is a good thing. If the Bears had made the super bowl this year, they would have been stomped! but Lovie would stay and the mediocrity would continue...

1 playoff win in 7 years

3 playoff appearences during his tenure

numerous failed offensive & defensive coordinators

problems play calling, managing the clock, using the challenge flag...

Look, the guy is nice and people like him, but he is not a good NFL head coach


If this happens, and let's hope it does, what happens next will determine the future of this franchise.

For years, the Bears have been known as cheap (though that is not entirely true). and only interested in the status quo. Create interest, sell tickets and merchandise, make money for the McCaskeys.

yes we won the Super Bowl in '85 and it was glorious, but how long can we hang on that as Bears fans?

Emery was a bold new hire as GM. He has made some bold moves thus far. If Lovie goes, what will Emery do? Bring in another vanilla assistant coach for a low salary? or step it up and be bold!

That's what I'm hoping for this Hanukah...the best present of all, the firing of Lovie Smith!

and then the hiring of a real coach followed by getting a few more pieces. 

A 2nd top WR (Hester IS NOT a WR. Enough already. Bennett is always hurt as is Jeffrey. The rest re garbage)

A real TE (Davis is terrible- can't catch a cold. Spaeth is a blocker)

1-3 Offensive Lineman (right now they are exactly that, offensive. and getting Cutler literally killed!)

A LB (Urlacher is done and should retire, he was overrated anyway. Roach is not a starter and neither is Geno)

I once again apologize. It is clearly all my fault. My absence and the lack of a true champion for a few weeks has led to the Bears demise. I should be given twenty lashes with a wet noodle.

All I ask for is this for Hanukah, Christmas, Diwali, Kwannza, Chinese New Year....

the best gift of the holiday season...



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Walter White December 11, 2012 at 07:19 PM
Nah, your only fault is being stupid enough to think this team was going to be good in the first place.
Former ESPN Sports Reporter Jason Bell December 11, 2012 at 07:58 PM
I think it was more ignorant and blind faith. Remember, Ignorance is curable, stupid is forever!
Walter White December 11, 2012 at 08:15 PM
You mean like people who think the Bears are going to be good every year even though nothing has changed? Yep, agree.


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