Electricity Aggregation Referendum Results

Here's a breakdown of how the cluster of seven towns, led by Buffalo Grove, voted on the measure.

Residents and small businesses in Buffalo Grove and surrounding towns may soon get a break on their electric bills. With all or most precincts reporting results from the villages’ s, the majority of voters were in favor of the measure. Passage of the referendum in each town allows officials to seek competitive prices from other electricity suppliers.

Buffalo Grove teamed with Long Grove, Lincolnshire, Wheeling, Palatine, Arlington Heights and Vernon Hills to educate residents about the initiative. Across Illinois, 276 municipalities posted the same referendum.

Villages that approved the measure will seek bids from suppliers other than ComEd. By negotiating rates on behalf of thousands of residents, officials say they expect customers to save about 25 percent on the supply portion of their electic bill. A "green" alternative will also be offered.

Those who don't wish to participate in the program will be given the opportunity to opt out.

Town Yes No Precincts Measure Approved? Buffalo Grove

Cook: 1,165

Lake: 1,799

Total: 2,964

Cook: 602

Lake: 778

Total: 1,380

Cook: 11/11

Lake: 18/18


Yes Palatine 5,027
46/46 Yes Long Grove 521 326 8/8 Yes Lincolnshire 734 279 6/6 Yes Vernon Hills 1,070 692 16/16 Yes Wheeling 1,596 1,013
19/19 Yes Arlington Heights 7,050
63/64 Yes
Scott Fishkin March 21, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Why would anyone vote no for this? Unless they have no idea what it was about. I am glad it passed. Those who voted no, need to review what this request is all about- it is NOT to spend your money but SAVE it.
Joe March 22, 2012 at 02:43 AM
There are a number of reasons why folks should have voted NO on this. First, history proves the cities that have aggregated are not saving much, and some are paying MORE. People should have their own choice to buy their products and services. They sold this really well comparing it to "buying bulk at Costco" and the like, but if that's true, then why have the cities that are already doing this providing average-awful rates to its residents? FACT: my brother lives in Batavia and they have their residents locked into an awful rate, over 8 cents/kwh to be specific. I called the City to ask if its possible to switch and they said no. Now that there's healthy competition in the free market, consumers can go to alternative suppliers such as North American Power, Ambit, IGS, etc and get a rate of just 5.99 on their own, and they didn't need a government mandate or a bulk purchase to make that happen. Free markets make that low rate happen. The most recent suburb that I know of to aggregate their electricity to try and get their residents a better deal was Oak Park. With their collective buying power, they secured a decent rate... I think it was around 5.89 or something, but that's still very close to the 5.99 you can get today on your own from most of the alternate suppliers. So if you ask me, passing this just makes Government bigger, reduces our personal freedom of choices, and now the monopoly that was once controlled by the utility is owned by the Government.
tim stefaniak March 29, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Why would anyone vote YES to this? Unless they have no idea what its about. Its awful that it passed. Those that voted yes need to review what this request is all about. In fact the cities that put this on the referendum need to find out what this is all about. It has nothing to do with saving citizens money. We can do that on our own. Three large energy corporations are swindling the public to hand over their right to choose. In turn, these three giant corporations are being handed hundreds of thousands of paying customers FOR FREE! That's right Scott. Your government just gave millions of dollars of revenue to giant corporations for free - the corporations didn't have to spend a single dime to win a customer. And what do you suppose the government officials get in return? Campaign donations? I own a small business. I don't have a right to choose my energy? Why? Because 10% of the voting public said yes. That's it. 10% of the people chose to take my rights away. Congratulations uneducated public. Thanks for giving more control to government who happens to be in bed with multi million dollar corporations. Wake up people.


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