Suburban Teen Hits YouTube with ‘My Boyfriend is Gay’

Hailey Rowe, the daughter of a Buffalo Grove real estate agent, creates campy video in West Hollywood.


In between studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Hailey Rowe, a 2012 Barrington High School graduate, has found time to create a music video. “My Boyfriend is Gay,” released on Feb. 1, already has more than 50,000 hits on YouTube.

Hailey said she was shocked and excited about the success of the music video on YouTube.

As the title suggests, the music video and song are a humorous look at a girl who discovers her boyfriend is gay.

“I wrote the song because I thought it was an interesting scenario. Gay guys are the perfect boyfriend,” Hailey said. “I wanted to show acceptance in a lighthearted and fun way. It got the gay stamp of approval from some of friends who are gay,” Hailey said.

Although the situation did not happen to Hailey, she says, since the video’s release, she has heard from many girls who have been in that situation.

One person who commented on the YouTube video said, “My boyfriend just used this song as a way to come out to me.”

Hailey said she’s been happy that most of the comments on the video are supportive. There have been some who say the video represents gays in a stereotypical way.

“I’m really grateful that most of the feedback has been pretty overwhelmingly positive,” she said.

“It is sparking some controversy, but the majority of the people love it,” said Hailey’s mom, Lori Rowe, a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Buffalo Grove.

Lori financed the video for her daughter. It was shot in West Hollywood and involved numerous talents from the gay and lesbian community, Lori said.

“The Chamber in West Hollywood helped us. They really liked it. It didn’t cost that much. It was a labor of love," Lori said.

The video includes some reality TV celebrity appearances, including J.D. Ordonez, a gay dolphin trainer, who stars in MTV’s  “The Real World Brooklyn.”

Kristen Kelly of "The Bad Girls Club" reality show on Oxygen also makes an appearance dancing in the video.

“Making the video was amazing. The group of people were talented and I loved shooting in West Hollywood; it’s such a fun town,” Hailey said.

Hailey said most of the cast members are her talented classmates at Loyola.

Hailey is majoring in business entrepreneurship at Loyola.

Lori says Hailey has been singing and writing music for a long time, and acting as well. She was involved in choir at BHS. She’s been in a T-mobile commercial and some of her songs have had international success.

What’s next — the Grammys? Well yes, actually, Hailey and Lori are planning to attend the Grammys this weekend in LA. 


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