Hunting for Buffalo Grove's Buffaloes

At the request of a Buffalo Grove Patch reader, here's a look at the remaining painted buffalo statues in the village.

Where are all of Buffalo Grove’s buffaloes?

That’s the question that was posted recently on Buffalo Grove Patch’s Facebook fan page by Larry Meyer, who wanted to track down the location of the village’s painted buffalo statues.

Searching for buffaloes sounded like a fun way to spend a warm spring afternoon, so I set out to find the answer.

Before wandering aimlessly through Buffalo Grove, I turned to village staff for help. Deputy Village Manager Ghida Neukirch said there were originally 20 buffalo statues, which were purchased and painted by local businesses and organizations. Since their arrival during the village's 2001 "Buffaloes on Parade" program, “most have either sold or no longer have their buffaloes,” she said.

Among the homes of the surviving buffaloes are the , , , , , , and .

Photos of those eight buffaloes are posted here. Do you know where each one is located? Tell us in the comment box below. The answers will be posted next week on Patch.

Do you know of a painted buffalo missing from this list? Tell us where it's hiding by commenting below.

Carolyn Lewis April 13, 2012 at 12:48 PM
As an early summer morning activity last summer, I took my three kids to see all of the painted Buffalo around town. We took pictures in front of each one! Let's see if I remember correctly: 1-Chamber of Commerce 2-Zimmerman True Value 3-First Merit Bank (it used to be painted red but they changed it midway through the summer so we went back!) 4-International Profit Associates 5-Village Hall 6-Veterinary Specialty Center 7-St. Mary 8-Emmerich Park (it was gone for a bit but came back!) What about the rainbow buffalo in front of Sunrise Assisted Living on Half Day Road and the handprint buffalo inside Ivy Hall School? Those were on our list, too! We also visited the stone buffalo at Emmerich and the Didier buffalo, but know those are separate!


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