Weather Records Continue to be Broken in Chicago Area

The National Weather Service Office in Chicago reports that it has been 323 days since there was at least an inch of snow on the ground in Chicago.

Did you know that as of Jan. 14, it has been 325 days since an an inch or more of snow fell in one calendar day in Chicago? And that it has been 323 days, as of Jan. 14, that there has been at least an inch of snow on the ground in Chicago?

Other than a chance of flurries in our area Wednesday night and a 40 percent chance of snow showers on Jan. 21, it doesn't look like that streak will be broken anytime soon.

The National Weather Service Office in Chicago recently released some interesting statistics about the lack of snow and various records that have been broken or are close to being broken.

Take a look at some of these statistics:

  • The first day of this winter season with a sub-freezing high occurred on Jan. 1. This year is now tied with Jan. 1, 1924 for the latest first sub-freezing high of the season.
  • Chicago went 310 days without a sub-freezing high temperature, ranking it at No. 1 for the most consecutive days without a sub-freezing high. The streak ended on New Year's Eve. Dec. 15, 1978 ranks at No. 2, with 308 days without a sub-freezing high.
  • There were 354 days with high temperatures at or above freezing in Chicago in 2012. Last year fell just behind 1931, which saw 355 days with highs of at or above freezing.
  • This season is now tied with Jan. 14, 1937 for the latest first 1-inch snowfall of the season. The record stands with Jan. 17, 1899, though the National Weather Service notes that "based on the forecast this week, this season is likely to continue to climb up the list and it's becoming increasingly likely that the record will be broken."

Impacts of a 'Snow Drought'

According to Accuweather.com, "the lack of snowcover across portions of the Midwest might spell 'big trouble' for winter wheat yield later this year." Accuweather reports that "snowcover actually acts to insulate winter wheat from arctic cold snaps." Additionally, other crops could be negatively affected due to the lack of moisture from melting snow in the spring.

Do you miss the snow? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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