VIDEO: Rainbow Road Haunted House Spooks Residents

Many claim to have seen a phantom house mysteriously appear and quickly vanish along the road in Barrington.

There are plenty of ghost stories surrounding White Cemetery and Cuba Road in Barrington that date all the way back to the 1960s.

Many have claimed to see strange orbs of light bouncing from the cemetery’s fence, while others say they’ve been chased by a phantom car that appears out of nowhere at the cemetery’s gate.

Patch has been working on a series about haunted venues in the Chicago area. As part of the series, I met up with ghost researcher Dale Kaczmarek to talk about some of the legends behind the ghosts of Barrington. Some of the tales of White Cemetery and Cuba Road are just urban legends that were started by a Palatine school teacher 50 years ago. However, Kaczmarek said he believes some of the ghost stories are actually true.

There’s a supposedly haunted street called Rainbow Road near White Cemetery that is teeming with paranormal activity. There was a home that burnt to the ground many years ago along that stretch of road, and some say they still see that house appear to them as they drive by.

Watch our interview with Kaczmarek to hear him describe some of the ghostly things people claim to have seen on Rainbow Road. I'm not one to be spooked by ghosts, especially in broad daylight, but even I got the chills driving down that street!


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