Goose Crashes Through Windshield of Small Plane in Suburbs

Two men in a small plane Dec. 28 were shocked when a Canada goose collided head-on with the Cessna. The pilot captured the collision on video.

WARNING: Video of collision could be considered graphic.
WARNING: Video of collision could be considered graphic.
By Lauren Traut

WARNING: Video of collision may be considered graphic. 

The pilot of a small plane considers himself lucky to be alive, after a goose crashed through the windshield of his Cessna plane, ABC7 reports.

The Canadian goose slammed into the cockpit of the plane shortly after takeoff Dec. 28. Pilot Ken Baird and passenger Norm Frees did their best to stay calm, as a camera captured the moment the bird crashed through the windshield, sending debris and Plexiglas spraying through the cockpit.

The damage could have been a lot worse than the resulting broken windshield, Brees told ABC7. 

"Pilots are trained, you overlearn this," Baird told ABC7. "Aviate, navigate, communicate, and when you overlearn it, it's amazing, it was there instantly in my head when this happened, and the training really paid off," he said.

Baird, who had just received as a Christmas gift the camera that recorded the collision, plans to step back into the cockpit as soon as the windshield is repaired. 


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