BGHS Grad Wins More than $120K on Jeopardy

Jerry Slowik, a 2004 graduate of Buffalo Grove High School, will compete Jan. 2 for more prize money.

Credit: Shawn M. Smith, Flickr Creative Commons
Credit: Shawn M. Smith, Flickr Creative Commons

Buffalo Grove High School graduate Jerry Slowik is up to $121,800 in cash winnings after his fifth day on Jeopardy. The episode aired New Year’s Day.

Slowik, of Arlington Heights, racked up more than $20,000 by correctly answering questions pertaining to Bob Dylan’s music and doubling his total in a Daily Double question, among others.

By the final round, he had amassed $21,600, more than twice the amount of his closest competitor, who entered Final Jeopardy with $10,000. 

He was the only contestant to correctly answer the last question: 

“This intellectual forum started in 1984, bringing together people from three different industries, hence its 3-letter name." 

His response, TED, brought his same-day winnings to $23,000. 

The sixth episode featuring Slowik will air at 2:30 p.m. Jan. 2 on ABC.

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